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2014 Rate Changes

PWP is recommending changes to your electric rates that are necessary to recover the costs of providing you with safe, reliable, and sustainable power. Here is some helpful information regarding your new rates, how to calculate the impact on your bill and ways to save energy.

To view the June 2, 2014 Public Hearing presentation on electric rate changes, click here. 

What is Changing?*

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* Please note: the rates shown above represent the change in the Summer rates for residential customers. For a full rate change description please click here 

Rate Calculator

Residential customers may calculate the impact of these changes on your bill. Simply find a recent PWP bill stub and follow the instructions to use the Rate Calculator below click here for a full screen versionBe sure to select the appropriate Electric Rate Code. 

Are you a Medium or Large commercial customer? Please contact your Account Manager for assistance with calculating your bill impact.

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Where does the money go?

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How to Find Out More On Monday, March 31 2014, the City Council conducted a workshop on the electrical rate proposal. You can find the staff report and workshop material here

Ways to Save


Save Money and Energy - PWP offers a variety of programs, services, tips and rebates to help you save energy and money in your home or business. Visit PWPweb.com/Savemoney  

     ENERGY STAR® Appliances and Lighting RebateRefrigerator/freezer recycling, CFLs and CFL fixtures  

     Efficient Home Cooling RebatesCentral AC, skylights, dual-glazed windows and sun shade screens   

     Refrigerator Recycling Rebate  

     Pool Pump RebatesProvides rebates for replacing older pool pumps with new efficient models  

     Cool Trees" RebatePWP offers rebates for planting any one of 37 species of shade trees   

     Pasadena Solar InitiativeInstall a solar system at your home and get up to $0.85 per watt   

     All-Electric Household Rebates     

     Home Energy Calculato

For more information about these programs, please e-mail the Customer Programs Hotline or call (626) 744-6970 

Financial Assistance Programs  

PWP recognizes that some of our customers may need extra help to pay their utility bills. Through PWP's Electric Utility Assistance Program (EUAP), we offer three income-qualified financial assistance programs for paying electric bills, and one program to help offset electricity costs associated with home medical equipment. You can find a list of these programs and additional details here. 

Learn More

Complete PWP Rate Change Infographic  

City Council March 31, 2014 Presentation  

 Full Rate Change Schedules  

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