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  • Energy Efficiency Partnering Program (EEP)  

    EEP Manufacturing

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    The EEP program rewards Pasadena businesses for a broad range of permanently installed energy-saving retrofit projects. Rebates are based on annual energy and peak demand savings.


    All Pasadena electric commercial customers are eligible for both energy efficiency programs. The Energy Efficiency Partnering Program (EEP) is the most complex of the two programs; it provides businesses with customized incentives based on kWh saved. Pasadena’s Express Efficiency Program (PEER) on the other hand, provides businesses with a predetermined incentive based on type of equipment and the number of units installed. 

    Here is a list of the Key Differences:

    • Businesses will typically receive larger rebates from the EEP program, but the PEER program is easier to apply for and rebates are received in less time. 
    • PEER is ideal for smaller projects and EEP should be used for larger more complex projects
    • EEP provides third party engineering review of your project to determine what is a reasonable expectation of your projects energy savings.
    • The PEER program only incentivizes some of the most popular measures.  Almost all energy efficiency projects are eligible for a rebate through the EEP program!
    • Click here to find out more about the PEER  


    • The EEP program provides rebates based on the estimated annual kilowatt-hour (kWh) energy savings
    • Depending upon the project type, savings will be determined by comparing the energy and peak demand of your new equipment versus either current CALGreen/Title 24 building code standards (when applicable), or versus energy consumption and peak demand of the old equipment
    • Incentive levels vary by technology and project type, ranging from 5-20¢/kWh for energy savings and/or $100-200 per kW for peak demand reduction. Click here for details on the savings and rebate calculation method (PDF) 
    • Projects employing local vendors may be eligible for bonus incentives
    • IMPORTANT: Projects already begun prior to application approval and pre-inspection are NOT ELIGIBLE. You must have an approved EEP application and pass a pre-inspection BEFORE work begins
    • Rebates are usually paid within 4 to 6 weeks of project completion and verification by PWP and/or an approved third-party.
    • Total rebate amount may not exceed 50% of total project cost, or $100,000 per metered account per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). 
    • Please review the complete EEP program rules and regulations (PDF) 


    • Incentive levels for any applications received after 11/15/13 are subject to change, and payment checks will be issued as funds are available.
    • To be eligible for our lighting rebate only Energy Star or Design Light Consortium (DSL) rated lamps will qualify.  
    • Effective July 1, 2014 T-12 lighting and many other lighting projects will no longer be incentivized due to Title 24 changes.  


    1. Download the latest EEP Application Form  
    2. Read all of the EEP program rules and enter in the requested information about your project into the application spreadsheet
    3. Save the EEP Application as an Excel document and send it to PWP_CEE@cityofpasadena.net along with a signed copy of the vendor's project proposal.
    4. Begin work on project ONLY AFTER your EEP application is approved and you pass a pre-inspection by PWP and/or an approved third-party.

    Please click here for more information about the application process (PDF) 

    Questions about the EEP program?

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