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Eastside Pipeline Project

East Pipe Web PhotoPWP built a four-mile pipeline to link six groundwater wells - Jourdan, Chapman, Woodbury, Monte Vista, Twombly, and Wadsworth - to Jones Reservoir, where the water will be stored before delivery to residents and businesses. Water from the wells is currently disinfected on-site before it is pumped to our customers, but collecting it in the reservoir first will give PWP more operational flexibility and better water quality. Work was completed in early 2014.

What streets were affected?

The construction of the Eastside Well Collector Pipeline, which is almost 4 miles in length, affected the following streets:

  • Monte Vista Street – Palo Verde Avenue to Craig Avenue
  • Craig Avenue – Monte Vista Street to Foothill Boulevard
  • Foothill Boulevard – Greenwood Avenue to Halstead Street
  • Halstead Street – Foothill Boulevard to 300 feet south of Foothill Boulevard
  • Sierra Madre Villa Avenue – Foothill Blvd to Sierra Madre Blvd
  • Sierra Madre Blvd – Sierra Madre Villa Avenue to 2,100 ft east of Sierra Madre Villa Ave
  • Alameda – Avocado intersection.

Below you will find a map of the completed and construction areas:






Red = Currently Affected Area; Green = Anticipated Construction Area; Grey = Completed Area


Principal Engineer Natalie Ouwersloot 

Email: nouwersloot@cityofpasadena.net 
Phone: (626) 744-4409

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