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  • Electrical Self-Generation in Pasadena

    As a PWP customer, you or your business may want to generate your own power to supplement the electricity you purchase from PWP, what’s known as “self-generation.” Self-generation technologies are installed on the customer’s side of the electric meter. Examples of technologies include microturbines, small gas turbines, photovoltaics, solar electric, wind turbines, hydroelectric, fuel cells and internal combustion engines. "Self-generation," also called "distributed generation," can serve various purposes:

    • Back-up or emergency power during utility power outages
    • Green power, used by customers who want to reduce pollution
    • Combined heat and power applications, or “cogeneration,” used by customers that have consistently high need for steam or another form of thermal energy

    Self-generation does not include "merchant generation" intended for sale in California's wholesale electricity market.

    If You Choose Self-Generation ...

    Caution signSafety First -- For your safety and the safety of your neighbors and PWP employees, you must receive PWP's authorization to interconnect. Your installation must meet all local, state, and federal codes and regulations, before connecting a generating system to the electric grid.

    Regulation 23 -- Regulation 23 in the city’s municipal code provides application and interconnection procedures for PWP customers who wish to install self-generation technologies. Please read and understand Regulation 23 before beginning any self-generation project.

    Interconnection Agreements & Rate Schedules: 

    Net Energy Metering (Qualifying Renewable Sources): Customers with qualifying renewable electric energy generation resources (“eligible customer-generators” as defined in Public Utilities Code Section 2827(b)(4)) such as solar, wind, biofuel, and geothermal up to1 megawatt that serve on-site load are billed for PWP electric service under the net energy metering rate schedule (PMC 13.04.177). Customers must apply for and sign PWP’s Interconnection and Metering Agreement  for qualifying renewable generation.

    Pasadena Solar Initiative: Webpage for more information about PWP’s rebate program for solar photovoltaic installations.

     All Other Self-Generation TechnologiesWebpage for customers interested in other types of self-generation technologies. Please note that customers are billed for PWP electric service under the self-generation rate schedule, Schedule SG (PMC 13.04.178). Customers must apply for and sign PWP’s GFIA Generation Facility Interconnection Agreement. 



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