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Reminder - Pasadena's Outdoor Spring/Summer Watering Schedule April 1 - Oct 31: Limit Watering Three Days Per Week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) 

As part of the City’s Level 1 Water Supply Shortage Plan now in effect, Pasadena property owners will be limited to watering outdoors three days per week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, effective April. 1, 2015 through October 31, 2015. PWP reminds customers to water before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Given the recent announcement by Governor Brown for greater water conservation, at this time, PWP encourages all customers to limit irrigation to one or two days per week.

Conservation is key, and PWP appreciates you “doing your part” to conserve our land’s most precious resource. With rain in the forecast unknown and the drought headed into its 4th year of drought…conserving water shouldn’t be viewed as a temporary action, instead we as a community, must change the way in which we use water.

Key Things to Consider  - A Sustainable Water Future

If the limited outdoor watering days are creating brown patches on your lawn, consider placing drought-tolerant plants in hard-to-water areas. Please note: PWP does not endorse any specific vendor. PWP encourages residents to obtain multiple quotes, check references, and check product reviews. Pasadena residents may select any vendor when participating in any PWP rebate program, including turf removal.

  • If you plant drought-tolerant landscape, altering your irrigation is key to seeing long term water savings.
  • Check out our online landscape designs for ideas
  • Consider hardscape options: patios with pavers, hammocks with overhead covering, etc.
  • Think about other ways to reduce your outdoor water use: 

20% Water Reduction 

Yes, outdoor watering makes up 60% of an average household, but there are also ways you can change your indoor water habits to create 20-25% reduction in your overall water use.



News Release: Pasadena Supports Governor Brown's Call For More Water Conservation 


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REBATES & incentives

From Pasadena Water & Power and SoCal Water$mart*: 

KEY CAPITAL water projectS 

PWP is investing in several capital projects that would help to not only replenish our local water levels, but create sustainable alternative water sources 

    • Arroyo Seco Canyon would stabilize our water levels by bringing in local water to replenish our groundwater 
    • Reclaimed water would help offset the use of drinking water for irrigation and cooling processes at nearby hospitals and commercial/industrial buildings 

upcoming water events: 

PWP has launched several programs that you won’t want to miss:: 


The above images are courtesy of the Association of California Water Agencies.