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Pasadena Express Efficiency Rebate Program (PEER)

Business Store Front for PEER 


PLEASE NOTE: The PEER program is fully subscribed for this fiscal year, and PWP is no longer accepting applications. The program will reopen July 1st 

The PEER program provides straight-forward incentives for Pasadena businesses to install some of the most popular energy-efficiency measures. PEER incentives are based on type of equipment and the number of units installed. Total rebate amount may not exceed 50% of total project cost, or $100,000 per metered account per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). PEER is ideal for smaller projects. Larger, more complex projects may be more suitable for the Energy Efficiency Partnering Program. (see "PEER vs. EEP" below for more details). The PEER application process is simple, and customers typically receive rebates in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Rebate Amounts

Energy Saving Measure 


Rebate Unit 

Packaged or Split System AC 


Per Ton 

Packaged terminal AC or Heat Pump 


Per Ton 

Anti-Sweat Heat Controls  


Per Door 

Auto Closers for Reach-in Coolers  


Per Door 

Door Auto Closers for Walk-in Coolers 


Per Door 

Door Gaskets 


Per Linear Foot 

Strip Curtains 


Per Square Foot 

Vending Machine Controller 


Per Unit 

Exit Signs – LED 


Per Unit 

Exit Signs- T1 Fluorescent  


Per Unit 

Energy Star Refrigerators


Per Unit

Skylight & Light Tubes


Per Unit

Dual Pane Windows


Per Sq. Ft.

Pool Pumps


Per Unit

Clothes Washers


Per Unit










Note: PEER does not include lighting incentives. Please refer to the Energy Efficiency Partnering Program (EEP) for lighting project incentives and details.


PEER vs. EEP: What's the Difference?

All PWP commercial electric customers are eligible for both energy efficiency programs. PEER provides businesses with a predetermined incentive based on type of equipment and the number of units installed. EEP, on the other hand, is the most complex of the two programs; it provides businesses with customized incentives based on kWh saved. Here is a list of the key differences:

  • Businesses will typically receive larger rebates from the EEP program, but the PEER program is easier to apply for and rebates are received in less time. 
  • PEER is designed for smaller projects. EEP should be used for larger, more complex projects
  • EEP provides a third-party engineering review of projects to determine what is a reasonable expectation of the energy savings.
  • PEER only incentivizes some of the most popular measures. Don't see your energy efficiency measure on the list above? No problem, almost all energy efficiency projects are eligible for a rebate through the EEP program.
  • Projects employing local vendors may be eligible for bonus incentives under both programs.  


How to Apply

Apply for a PEER rebate by filling out this form and emailing it to PWP_CEE@cityofpasadena.net 



Send an email to PWP_CEE@cityofpasadena.net with "PEER Inquiry" in the subject line; or call the PWP AnswerLine (626) 744-6970. 

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