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    For over a century, Pasadena Water and Power (“PWP”), one of the few community‐owned utilities in Southern California, has been committed to providing safe and reliable water and electric services at reasonable rates. As California utilities continue to be challenged by environmental regulations and economic operating constraints, PWP continually seeks ways to comply with changes in business conditions while delivering services of the highest quality with minimal impact to ratepayers. In Fiscal year 2015, PWP generated over $261 million in operating revenue and invested more than $86 million in capital improvements. PWP also contributed over $18 million to the City’s General Fund to support vital public services.

    Groundbreaking and construction began on Pasadena’s much‐anticipated power plant upgrade during the past fiscal year. The Glenarm Repowering Project features the replacement of steam turbine equipment that has been in operation for over fifty years with a new 71 MW (net 68 MW) natural gas‐fueled combined-cycle unit. The new plant will significantly improve local power generation and provide the community with clean, efficient, and reliable power. The project is underway and on schedule for completion in spring 2016.

    The ongoing drought continues to create challenges for California utilities and water agencies. In response to a statewide water reduction mandate, the City Council adopted a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Plan (“Plan”) in June 2015. Featuring an aggressive 28% water usage reduction goal, the Plan places seasonal restrictions on outdoor watering while prohibiting water use for filling ornamental lakes and ponds. To help reach this target, PWP conducted a variety of public workshops, campaigns, and incentives designed to educate and engage the public. The processes for water waste monitoring and reporting have also been bolstered with combined efforts estimated to save approximately 1,700 acre-feet of water per year.

    With the completion of the Outage Management System in 2014, PWP recently introduced a variety of tools that enable customers to report and receive outage information by phone, mobile device, or online. Investment in emerging technologies that improve communication and convenience, streamline data, and encourage water conservation and energy efficiency are ongoing priorities for PWP.

    PWP continues its efforts to raise community awareness about energy and water issues and conducted over 60 workshops, informational events, and school programs in Fiscal Year 2015. Customers also took advantage of a variety of generous rebates for water‐saving and energy-efficient home and landscape devices and retrofits.

    We sincerely appreciate the ongoing support of the citizens and businesses of Pasadena, the leadership of the City Council and City management, and the dedicated staff at Pasadena Water and Power as we all work together to diligently serve our community while we continue to improve and protect our valued public utility.

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