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    The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program is a health promotion and disease prevention program found at every local health department in the State of California.  Through routine medical and dental screenings, the CHDP program seeks to achieve early detection and prevention of disease for children and adolescents living in the City of Pasadena.   

    Under the CHDP program, children will receive a health assessment consisting of a health history, physical examination, hearing and vision tests, tuberculin (TB) test, laboratory test, immunizations, nutritional evaluation, developmental assessment, and dental assessments.  A referral will also be provided for children diagnosed with a problem and needing further treatment.  Our local staff will provide case management, assistance, and follow-up to children referred for further treatment.  The following groups are able to receive services under the CHDP program: 

    • All Medi-Cal recipients from birth to age 21 
    • Uninsured children and youth from birth to age 19 from low or moderate-income households 
    • Children in foster care 

    CHDP program staff at the Pasadena Public Health Department assists medical and dental providers with the application process to become a health assessment or comprehensive care provider under the CHDP program.  See below for more information.  Our staff links families needing specialized care and referrals to professionals and agencies. If a health concern is identified during a CHDP assessment, the child may receive a referral for diagnosis and/or treatment, either coordinated with the schools or within the Pasadena CHDP Referral Directory.

  • Pasadena CHDP Referral Directory

    For more information on the CHDP program, and for a list of medical and dental providers who are registered as local CHDP providers in the City of Pasadena, please click on one of the documents below:

  • Interested in Becoming a CHDP Provider?

    Pediatric providers, licensed primary care clinics, or clinical laboratory providers who wish to apply to become a Pasadena CHDP provider can contact us to request an application packet or receive technical assistance.  Additional information can also be found on the California Department of Health Care Services website: 

    California Department of Health Care Services - Child Health and Disability Prevention 


  • HEAR Center

    HEAR Center offers comprehensive and affordable hearing and speech services for children of all ages.  The organization works will Pasadena pediatricians and physicians, coordinates with regional centers, and accepts most insurance or sliding scale fees.  For more information, visit www.hearcenter.org or download the following brochures: