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    Park Safety Specialists' mission is to provide professional service to all who attend our city parks. We want our visitors to experience a family oriented atmosphere. The Park Safety Specialist will provide a safe environment at our treasured city parks. We are here to enhance your experience.


    The Park Safety Specialist function is to improve the quality of life in our parks. We maintain a constant and close relationship/partnership with our citizens which will enable us to continually receive feedback to further improve the parks.

    Your Park Safety Specialists are…

    Pasadena’s local parks are one of our city’s finest features, which everyone in the city can truly enjoy. We want our visitors to have the opportunity to understand and appreciate Pasadena's cultural and natural heritage.  

    We are here 7 days a week with various hours. If you would like to talk to us, we can be reached by phone at (626) 744-4501.

    If there is an emergency or you want police response immediately, please call (626) 744-4241.

  • nortiz Nick Ortiz
    • Police Volunteer  since 1993, CPA class #2
    • Hired as a Pasadena Police  Jailor in 2002
    • Transferred as a Park Safety Specialist in 2007
    • Currently a Mentor through the Flintridge Foundation
    Parks assigned:
    • Singer Park / Defender Park
    • Lower  Arroyo Casting Ponds
    • Brookside Park
    • Linda Vista Park / San Rafael Park
    • Hahamonga Park
    • Hamilton Park




  • mwhite Michelle White
    • Hired as a Park Safety Specialist in June 2002
    • Volunteered in many organizations in the city
    (Trojan Football Program, Pasadena Central Little League, West Pasadena Little League)
    • Currently a Pasadena Police Explorer Advisor
    Parks assigned:
    • Robinson Park / Brenner Park
    • La Pintoresca Park
    • Washington Park
    • Villa Park
    • Victory Park




  • tambrozevicious  Tony Ambrozevicious
    • Hired  as a Cadet in 1998
    • Worked in the Records section and assisted Detectives handling missing persons and DOA’s
    • Transferred as a Park Safety Specialist in 2002
    • An active member of the Pasadena Police Athletic Softball team
    • Currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
    Parks assigned:
    • Central Park
    • Allendale Park
    • Memorial Park
    • Singer Park
    • La Manda Park
    • Eaton Blanche Park




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