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    The Pasadena Police’s Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of four sections; Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Special Enforcement Section (SES), and the Forensic Section. Combined, the sections are staffed with 77 people, including 3 lieutenants, 1 administrator, and 7 sergeants. There are currently 20 Crimes Against Persons Detectives, 8 Crimes Against Property Detectives, including one arson investigator from the Pasadena Fire Department, and 9 Detectives assigned to our Special Investigation Unit (Vice/Narcotics). The additional personnel are assigned to SES and the Forensic team.

    In support of the multiple operations occurring within the Criminal Investigation Division, the department has 4 full time staff assistants, 1 YAB Program Coordinator, two part-time employees and 11 civilian volunteer who assist the Detective Section with financial crimes and missing persons investigations. The Detective Section is responsible for identifying crime trends within the five community service areas, contact victims and witnesses to gather additional evidence, and then effectively utilizing this intelligence to identify, apprehend, and assist in the prosecution of persons responsible for crimes. In their pursuit of solving crime, detectives work in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies enhancing our professional partnerships.

    Detectives at pistol range Detectives are generally assigned to specific crime types, Crimes Against Persons or Crimes Against Property. The Crimes Against Persons Section is comprised of multiple units; Homicide-Assault, Robbery, Extortion, Sexual Assault, 290 Sex Registrant Tracking, and Youth and Family Services (YFS). YFS personnel investigate crimes of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Crimes Occurring on School Campuses, and the Youth Accountability Board (YAB). YAB is youth intervention program for first-time offenders. The Crimes Against Property Section is comprised of Residential Burglary, Commercial Burglary, Forgery/Fraud/Identity Theft, Auto Theft-Auto Burglary, Special Investigations (Vice/Narcotics), Arson, Fugitive Apprehension and Subpoena Control. One detective is also assigned to a multi-agency task forces combating high-level narcotic distribution (HIDTA).

    The detective section and patrol is supported by our Forensic Services Section. This section has 9 high trained and talented police specialists, including the Administrator, who provides Forensic Services and crime scene photography. Many of specialist have achieved the certification level of court certified Latent Print Examiner, which requires 2 years of individualized training and 100,000 verified comparisons per person.

    Check Your Case Status

    To find out about the status of your case, please call the Pasadena Police Detective Section at:

    (626) 744-4518 or (626) 744-4522

    To help expedite your request, please have your case number and relevant information ready.


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