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Planning and Community Development Department


    Project Address 


    Case Manager 

    Scott Reimers
    (626) 744-6710

    Project Description 

    The proposed project is an update to the City’s General Plan that meets California Code requirements for a general plan and specific plan amendments to update the development caps within each specific plan area. The proposed changes focus on the Land Use and Mobility Elements and Land Use Diagram. The update also includes the consolidation of optional elements (cultural and recreational, historic and cultural, public facilities, scenic highways, social development, and economic development and employement) into required elements of the General Plan. The Land Use Element includes caps on net-new residential and non-residential development in its specific plan areas and sets a forecast for growth in areas outside the specific plans.  The General Plan Update and specific plan amendments would allow for approximately 11,649 net-new housing units and 8,025,000 net-new square feet of non-residential development. The project includes a citywide review of the Zoning Code provisions regulating transit oriented development, or TODs.

    Documents available for review:
    Notice of Preparation & Scoping Meetings 
    Scoping Meeting Flyer
    Initial Study