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    General Advice

    Information and advice on a variety of subjects. Just ask!

    • ADOL (Links and information on everything from health to homework)
    • CRC Group (Help for teens on a variety of issues including disabilities, bullying, depression, health, disorders, and many other personal issues)
    • Go Ask Alice (Columbia University site with answers to questions on health, personal problems and more...you can also ask your own questions and get an answer)
    • Help Me, Harlan! (A fun site with advice ranging from serious to silly)
    • Scambusters (This site will set you straight if someone tries to feed you a hoax, a rumor or a con game)
    • Teen Central (A place to receive advice, or to offer it)
    • Teen Growth  (Filled with advice about health and other personal issues)
    • Teen Health at the Food & Drug Administration (has links to pamphlets and information they distribute)
    • Teen Help is a site for teens and/or their parents to seek help and advice on a variety of topics.

    Diet & Food Information

    Whether you want to change your body or just keep it the way it is, these sites have good advice.

    Drug and Alcohol Information

    Information and advice on alcohol, drugs, tobacco and such any problems related to them.

    • Alateen (For when friends or family have a problem with alcohol)
    • Freevibe (Information, plus celebrity interviews that are interesting)
    • IPRC (Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, an information clearinghouse)

    Health & Fitness

    How to be healthy, safely and sanely.

    • Cool Nurse (If you have a question about your health or your body, this is a good place to go)
    • Medline (Serious news and information about prescriptions and medical treatment. If you don't understand what your doctor says, see if this helps.)
    • Safe Piercing (If you want to do body piercing, from ears to navel, get it done correctly and safely...here's what to look for at the shop)
    • Sleep Net (If you have problems sleeping or waking up, then this site may be able to help you)
    • Teen Health (Canadian medical school site with good links and information)
    • TeensHealth (Advice checked by doctors and other professionals)
    • Young Women's Health (Advice and information, with ongoing newsletter)


    How to earn, manage and spend money without going crazy or broke.

    • Sense and Dollars (How much can you really buy with the money you make from your job?)
    • Young Investor (Advice on earning, saving, investing and spending money)


    Words for those days when you just can't get started...

    • Motivate Us (Quotations to keep you going or get you started, many found by other teens)

    School Advice

    A little help on getting educated.

    • Real World University (A site run by a college professor and his friends, it offers advice on everything from course load to career goals)

    Social Advice

    From casual socializing to big events.