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    Need help finding a newspaper or magazine article for a report or project? Now you can use InfoTrac from home, if you have a Pasadena Public Library card. InfoTrac OneFile has full text on many articles, and what you need to look them up on the rest.

    The Library also offers a diverse set of databases for research and a homeschool collection.

    Writing Reports

    These sites have information that will help you with the hows and whys of writing a report.

    • A Plus (Internet Public Library's site about writing papers)
    • Citation Machine (Landmarks Citation Machine helps you make your bibliography look good and be correct)
    • Citing Sources (the rules and methods, along with a simpler citation machine and other report help)
    • Elements of Style (the classic book about grammar and writing is now on-line)
    • Nuts and Bolts Guide (online guide to writing)
    • OWL (Online Writing Lab, help with how and why to do things for reports and essays, among other things)
    • Paradigm (Another writer's helper, with lessons and aids)
    • Starting Your Report (helps you to outline and organize your report, from middle school to grad school)

    General homework assistance

    Sites to help you with day-to-day stuff, not just big reports

    • ABC Clio Suite (History, geography, and government information)
    • Exhibits from CPB (fun way of getting useful information about everything from history to the physics of a roller coaster)
    • High School Ace (links organized by subject, along with reference and news sources)
    • Information Please (almanacs and other date-based information, plus fun quizzes)
    • Photo Collection (see who or what you're studying...from the Library of Congress)
    • Quoteland (quotations from famous and infamous people)
    • Virtual Reference Desk (an online bookshelf to help you look things up)

    Biography sites

    Information about famous people just about everywhere.

    Language Sites

    Learn languages on your own, or get help with your language classes.

    • I Love Languages (links to dictionaries, lessons and other info for many, many languages)
    • Mango (an online language-learning system)
    • Your Dictionary (dictionaries in many languages)

    Literature sites

    Literature, authors, on-line text sources...

    Science and math sites

    Help for science projects as well as homework

    Test Preparation

    Help with standardized tests

    U.S. History sites

    Includes sites to show you what things looked like

    World History and Events

    Facts and figures

    • ABC Clio Suite A research resource for students in junior high, high school and first year college
    • Atlapedia (combination atlas/encyclopedia, good for finding information about countries)
    • CIA Online Factbook (current world information, facts and figures)
    • Hyperhistory (links and timelines)

    Specific world history links

    Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

    Basic reference works on-line, including many language-to-language dictionaries

    How to Search the Web

    Tutorials and instructions on how to find things we don't list here.

    • Bare Bones 101 (a great tutorial on how to use search engines to find things on the web)
    • Diigo ("dii" is pronounced like "wii"...a good site if you're working on a group project...you can share web pages and even mark them, as if you could put post-it notes on the web)
    • Evaluacion critica de una pagina web [pdf]
    • Furl (another site for marking web pages while doing research, so that you can find the links later)
    • Learn the Net (web tutorial, in English and Spanish)