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    Assignment Alert

    1. When assigning mass assignments to your class:
      • assign fairly broad and flexible topics
      • call the library to determine whether sufficient material is available to complete assignment
      • accept encyclopedias as sources of research information
      • accept letter from the library indicating that library resources on the topic have been exhausted
    2. When preparing student reading lists:
      • check library holdings to ensure demand can be met
      • don’t place page restrictions on books to be read as many great stories are missed because of page restrictions
      • indicate that you will allow librarians to make comparable substitutions if book on list is unavailable

    Class Visits to the Library

    Class visits to the library
    1. Your class can visit the library to:
      • Take a tour of the library.
      • Hear a storytime.
      • Learn about library resources and technology and how to use them.
      • Be assisted in finding information on special events/topics.
    2. When your class visits the library:
      • Schedule all class visits in advance.
      • Stay with your class during your visit.
      • Inform the librarian in advance if you want the librarian to speak to, pull books for, a specific topic.


    Tours can include specific areas such as Teen Central, the Children’s Room, and/or Adult. Inform the librarian in advance if you want to have books and other materials set aside on a specific topic. Tours should be scheduled in advance.

    Outreach Visits

    1. The librarian can visit your class to:
      • present a program on library services and resources
      • present a program on special events/topics
      • instruct students on specific library resources
    2. The librarian can attend PTA meetings, faculty meetings, or other school functions to:
      • present a program on library services and resources
      • demonstrate electronic resources to aid in homework or research
      • booktalk books on any special topics

    Class Library Card & Student Class Cards

    Teacher and Student AssistanceTeachers who live in Pasadena or teach in Pasadena or in the Pasadena Unified School District may obtain an Educator Card to borrow materials for use in their classrooms.

    • This card is in addition to your personal library card. It may be used to check out and reserve items at any Pasadena Public Library.
    • To be eligible for an Educator card as a classroom teacher, you must teach for PUSD or another school in Pasadena, or live in Pasadena and teach elsewhere. Educators must show proof of residence in Pasadena, if applicable, and verification of employment. Educator cards are for preschool through 8th grade teachers.
    • To be eligible for an Educator card as an adult who homeschools children ages 12 and under, you must live in Pasadena and be able to show written, official verification of your status as someone who homeschools.
    • You must use your personal card to place holds on and check out items from Glendale Public Library.
    • You may check out up to 100 Juvenile items for 3 weeks and, if necessary, renew them 2 more times. Adult materials may not be checked out on an Educator card.
    • You may check out up to 6 DVDs for 1 week from the J collection.
    • Educator borrowing privileges will be suspended if you have 10 or more items recorded as “lost” on your card. You will not be responsible financially for lost items, and replacement charges and/or fees will not be sent to collections; they will, however, carry over to the next school year. Charges and fees for lost materials from the Homeschooling collection at Hastings Branch cannot be waived.  
    • Fines are waived for returned overdue or lost materials. There is no charge to replace lost cards.
    • Your Educator card will expire on July 31 each year, and must be renewed for the next school year. 
    • Items checked out on this card are for use in the classroom only and may not be taken home by students.

    Classroom teachers are strongly encouraged to check out materials for in-class use for grades 4 through 8 on their Educator cards. However, students are welcome to use their personal cards to check out items for their own enjoyment during class visits. The overdue fines on Juvenile cards will be waived during November (Children’s Book Month) and during Summer Reading Club.

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