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    Copy Center

    The Copy Center, located adjacent to the Internet Commons on the first level below the north east Reference Wing, has a variety of self-service machines for patrons’ convenience. The Copy Center closes five (5) minutes before the Library's closing time.

    Photocopy Machines
    There are black & white and color copy machines for general photocopy purposes, which accept both cash or Cash-cards. 

    Cost of copies

                Black & white              $ .15 (fifteen cents) per copy

                Color                           $ .75 (seventy-five cents) per copy

    Change Machines
    There are two types of change machines available in the Copy Center. One accepts $1.00 or $5.00 bills and dispenses quarters as change. The Bill to Bill Change machine accepts $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 bills and dispenses $1.00 bills as change.

    Cash-card Machine
    There are two Cash-card dispensing machines located in the Copy Center. The Cash-card costs $1.00 to purchase. The first $.50 is the cost of the card itself. The remaining $.50 is the value on the card. The cards are re-usable. Once purchased, additional value may be added to the cards. There are no refunds for excess value added to card. Cash-cards are used to make copies at $.15 each on the copy machines, and prints from the microfilm/Microfiche readers, $.75 for color copies and $.10 for black and white prints from the Internet workstations, workstations in the Technology Learning Center, workstations in the Reference and Humanities Wings, and the Learning Enrichment Center computers in the Children’s Room. Cash-cards are also used for time on the Pay for Use Computers and for paying for the fax machine.

    Print Release Stations
    Use a cash-card to retrieve prints at any print release station. Locations include the Internet Commons and Copy Center, the Technology Learning Center, the Children's Room, and the Reference and Humanities Wings. To use cash to pay for prints use the Print Release Station in the Internet Commons or Copy Center. Color prints sent from a workstation need to be picked up from the color copy machine in the Copy Center.

    Fax Machine
    There is a fax machine available in the Copy Center for use.  Within the USA and Canada the fee is $1.00 per page. To send an international fax (other than Canada) the fee is $5.00 per page.

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