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  • Author Events

    Karen Thompson WalkerPrivate Wine & Cheese Reception with the Author

    Thursday, March 14 • 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
    This is a ticketed event, to purchase yours call 744-4062 or email dhumphrey@cityofpasadena.net.
    Tickets - $50/ea.

    Conversation with Author Karen Thompson Walker

    Thursday, March 14 • 7 p.m. • All Saints Church, Sanctuary • 132 N. Euclid Ave.
    Thompson Walker will join Jan Sanders, Pasadena Public Library Director, in conversation as they discuss her experiences writing The Age of Miracles. A question and answer session from the audience will immediately follow.

    Event parking is available in surrounding parking facilities. All parking is fee based.

  • Events & Programs


    See our One City, One Story events by date in our calendar.


    Science Today & Tomorrow 

    Science experiments created by students from Hamilton Elementary School’s Math, Science and Technology Academy, a Pasadena Unified School. March 1 – 31 • Central Library, North Entry • 285 E.
    Walnut St. 

    Recycled Art 

    Trash? Who says it is trash?  The true artist will find art anywhere. The stuff others throw away can be transformed, by clever hands, into works of art. Look closely, and you may just be able to see its former life. March 1 – 31 • Santa Catalina Branch Library • 999 E. Washington Blvd.

    Ongoing Exhibits

    March 1 – 31 • Science Today & Tomorrow • Central Library

    March 1 – 31 • Recycled Art • Santa Catalina

    Community Events

    Going Green! Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose – Let’s Make It Work Again! 

    Design and make a unique article of clothing or accessory from recycled materials! Then, model your own personal creation at a fashion show on One City, One Story Day, Saturday, March 23rd at Pasadena Central Library. Bring your own clean recycled materials to use – newspapers, magazines, plastic bags, old clothing items, etc… Some recycled materials, duct tape, glue and “notions” will be provided.

    Saturday, March 2 • 11 a.m. • Lamanda Park Branch Library • 140 S. Altadena Dr.
    Mondays, March 4, 11, & 18 and Wednesdays, March 6, 13, & 20 • 3:30 p.m. • Allendale Branch Library • 1130 S. Marengo Blvd.
    Tuesday, March 12 • 4 p.m. • Hastings Branch Library • 3325 E. Orange Grove Blvd.

    Disaster Preparedness for Changing Times: What to Expect and How to Survive a Major Earthquake 

    Earthquake 101: Why do we have them? What happens when the BIG ONE (magnitude 7.8 earthquake) hits? How to prepare at home, work and in your neighborhood?Presented by Margaret Vinci, Office of Earthquake Programs, Caltech.

    Saturday, March 2 • 11 a.m. • San Rafael Branch Library • 1240 Nithsdale Rd.
    Saturday, March 30 • 11 a.m. • Lamanda Park Branch Library • 140 S. Altadena Dr.  

    Cooking for the Apocalypse 

    Old Town Cooking School’s Deb Swartz will demonstrate her magic with canned and preserved items and show you how you can still eat well in The Age of Miracles. Cooking demonstration, food sampling and tips and recipes to take home.

    Saturday, March 2 • 2 p.m. • Allendale Branch Library • 1130 S. Marengo Ave.
    Saturday, March 16 • 2 p.m. • Linda Vista Branch Library • 1281 Bryant St.

    Early TV Visions of the Apocalypse 

    Enjoy programs from the “Golden Age of Television” and depictions of the end of the world as we knew it in the 1960s. View classic episodes of “The Twilight Zone” and “Outer Limits.”

    Saturday, March 2 • 4 p.m. • Allendale Branch Library • 1130 S. Marengo Ave.    

    Mars Curiosity Event 

    Matt Heverly, mobility systems engineer for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) at JPL, will talk about the launch, landing, and discoveries of the Curiosity rover on Mars, as well as the unique experience of living on Mars time and driving the rover around Mars terrain, followed by a question and answer session.

    Monday, March 4 • 3 p.m. • Villa Parke Branch Library, Villa Parke Community Center Auditorium • 363 E. Villa St.

    Create Your Own OCOS Book (For Children) 

    Children in grades first through fourth will create their very own book—from story, to art, to layout and binding, making a picture book that is durable and long-lasting. Materials will be provided. Led by elementary school teacher Doris Robin. Space is limited. Call 744-7268 to register.

    Mondays, March 4, 11, & 18 • 4 p.m. • La Pintoresca Branch Library • 1355 N. Raymond Ave. 

    Write Your Own City, One Story  

    Writing techniques to write your own OCOS, including highlights of The Age of Miracles, presented by Laurie Richards, Extended Learning Institute Writing Instructor, California State University San Marcos, and officer and director of the San Diego Book Awards.

    Saturday, March 9 • 1 p.m. • San Rafael Branch Library • 1240 Nithsdale Rd.

    Author Experiences 

    Karen Walker Thompson will share her experiences as an author with college students followed by a question and answer session.

    Thursday, March 14 • 10 a.m. • Pasadena City College, Creveling Lounge (Campus Center), 1570 East Colorado Blvd.

    The Slowing: Earth’s Atmospheric Circulation & The Age of Miracles

    Simona Bordoni, Caltech Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Lee Coleman, clinical psychologist and Assistant Director of the Caltech Counseling Center, will join author Karen Thompson Walker in a conversation about the core idea of The Age of Miracles, the slowing of the earth’s rotation. Bordoni will discuss atmospheric circulation and the effects of rotation upon the planet earth.
    Friday, March 15 • 3 p.m. • Caltech, Baxter Lecture Hall • 1200 E. California Blvd. (Bldg. 77)

    Planetary Crafts 

    Join us for a special craft project for the entire family centered on The Age of Miracles. All materials will be provided. Presented by a student from the Art Center College of Design.

    Saturday, March 16 • 10:30 a.m. • Hill Avenue Branch Library • 55 S. Hill Ave. 

    You Are Not Alone - Caring Conversations for Caregivers

    Julia’s grandfather became disoriented and suffered from Alzheimer’s in The Age of Miracles. Are you helping an adult family member or friend with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or any other chronic health problem? Join our “Caring Conversations” and receive important information for caregivers just like you. Presented by faculty from the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology.

    Tuesday, March 19 • 10:30 a.m. • Hill Avenue Branch Library • 55 S. Hill Ave. 

    Aztec Stories 

    Michael Heralda will share stories and interactive music that focuses on native beliefs concerning nature and its cycles of change and transition, the importance of lessons learned from animals and our  connection to the earth and plants.

    Thursday, March 21 • 3:30 pmLamanda Park Branch Library • 140 S. Altadena Dr.

    Community Book Discussions

    Allendale Branch Library
    Saturday, March 2 • 10:30 a.m. • 1130 S. Marengo Ave.

    Villa Parke Branch Library (Bilingual)
    Monday, March 4 • 5 p.m. • 363 E. Villa St.

    Hastings Branch Library
    Tuesday, March 5 • 6:30 p.m. • 3325 E. Orange Grove Blvd.

    La Pintoresca Branch Library
    Saturday, March 9 • 1 p.m. • 1355 N. Raymond Ave.

    Linda Vista Branch Library
    Saturday, March 16 • 11 a.m. • 1281 Bryant St.

    Hill Avenue Branch Library
    Wednesday, March 20 • 3 p.m. • 55 S. Hill Ave.

    Santa Catalina Branch Library
    Thursday, March 21 • 4 p.m. • 999 E. Washington Blvd.

    Lamanda Park Branch Library
    Monday, March 25 • 1 p.m. • 140 S. Altadena Dr.

    San Rafael Branch Library
    Thursday, March 28 • 4 p.m. • 1240 Nithsdale Rd.

    Film Series

    New Reality or Sci Fi ? 

    Films that focus on the end of the world, social restructuring, time stoppage and environmental catastrophe. Wednesdays • 1 p.m. • Central Library, Donald R. Wright Auditorium • 285 E. Walnut St. 

    March 6 • On the Beach (1959) NR

    In this doomsday classic, a U.S. submarine led by Capt. Dwight Towers surfaces near Melbourne, where the passengers learn that nuclear war has wiped out most of humanity. And it won't be long before radiation kills the Australians as well.

    March 13  • Lord of the Flies (1963)   NR

    Based on William Golding's famous novel, Peter Brooks's daring film follows schoolboys stranded on an island after a plane crash. Two factions quickly form between the boys -- one being more civilized, concentrating on finding shelter and food, and the other more savage, hunting wild pigs and having fun. Tension builds between the factions' leaders, Ralph and Jack, leading to a battle for control of their own micro-civilization.

    March 20The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) G

    A humanoid envoy from another world lands in Washington, D.C., with a warning to Earth's people to cease their violent behavior. But panic erupts when a nervous soldier shoots the messenger, and his robot companion tries to destroy the capital. A sci-fi hallmark that offers wry commentary on the political climate of the 1950s, this Golden Globe-winning classic is less concerned with special effects than with
    its potent message.

    March 27Wall-e (2008) G

    In a futuristic world, human beings have destroyed Earth and evacuated the planet, leaving the cleanup to an army of robots they've programmed to do their dirty work. Due to a mishap, the dutiful WALL-E is the only one left. But with the arrival of a female probe, the monotony of WALL-E's existence is broken -- and he experiences love for the first time.

  • One City, One Story Day

    Saturday, March 23 • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. • Central Library • 285 E. Walnut St.

    Let’s Go Gardening!  

    Enjoy fun stories about plants and gardening; then make your own portable garden to take home. For children ages 3 to 7.

    10  - 11 a.m. • Children’s Room and Children’s Patio 

    Why Gardening is Good for Your Health 

    Join Urban Farming Advocate, Matthew “Mud” Baron as he chats about Muir Ranch, a 1.5 acre garden on the campus of John Muir High School in Pasadena. Muir Ranch offers students the chance to learn about organic gardening and the business components of running a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The public is able to purchase local seasonal produce directly from the ranch. Every week, over 100 Muir Ranch CSA customers receive a box of about 7 to 10 different types of fruits and vegetables. Income generated provides a stipend for Muir Ranch student interns and supports a
    program that connects youth directly to healthy fruits and vegetables instilling a sense of pride in them and their work. Muir Ranch is sponsored by the Pasadena Educational Foundation. 

    10:30 – 11:15 a.m. • Donald R. Wright Auditorium

    Exploring Mars and Living on Mars Time 

    On August 5, 2012 the NASA's Curiosity Rover landed on Mars, and the operations team switched to "Mars time" operations. The Oh family joined them. Bryn and David Oh will describe how their family took a trip around the clock on Mars time, jumping two time zones every three days, while the rover started its journey exploring Mars. Enjoy an interactive presentation with the Oh family, including the latest movies and pictures from the Red Planet.

    11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. • Donald R. Wright Auditorium 

    Reiyukai America - Recyclable Crafts 

    Have fun making crafts from recycled materials.

    12:30 – 2:30 p.m. • Great Hall

    Eco-Friendly Fashion Show: Fashion sense straight from the recycling bin * 

    Design and make a unique article of clothing or accessory from recycled materials! Then model your own personal design. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative fashions.

    1:30 – 2:30 p.m. • Donald R. Wright Auditorium 

    * For ideas on how to create your own recycled fashion statement use newspapers, magazines, plastic bags, old clothing items, paper, trash bags, ribbon, anything you can think of. For more suggestions be sure to attend one or all of the Let’s Make It Work Again! programs at Allendale, Lamanda Park and Hastings Branch Libraries.  

    Make Your Own Comet and Learn about these Ancient Visitors to Our Skies

    NASA's Spitzer Science Center Comet Exploration will take you back to the birth of the Solar System, by making a comet - one of the building blocks of our planet. These primordial visitors allow us to see back in time, to the conditions that existed when the Earth was formed. They likely brought the water that made up the Earth's oceans, and some theories suggest they may have brought the building blocks of life. Comets are just one of the types of objects that are studied with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA's infrared observatory in space.

    2:30 – 3:30 p.m. • Great Hall 

    Danza Azteca Yankuititl  

    Traditional Aztec dance performance to Mother Earth by Yankuititl, which means “New Fire” in Aztec Nahautl language.

    3 – 3:45 p.m. • Fountain Courtyard (weather permitting) or Donald R. Wright Auditorium

    One City, One Story Time Capsule

    The Age of Miracles ended with a time capsule. We’re creating our own One City, One Story (OCOS) time capsule to be unveiled at the 2023 OCOS. Be a part of OCOS history and bring what you
    would like to contribute to it. For teens ages 13 - 18.

    3:30 – 4:30 p.m. • Teen Central

    Disaster Preparedness for Changing Times: What to Expect and How to Survive a Major Earthquake 

    Earthquake 101: Why do we have them? What happens when the BIG ONE (magnitude 7.8 earthquake) hits? How to prepare at home, work and in your neighborhood? Presented by Lisa Derderian, Emergency Management Coordinator and Public Information Officer, Pasadena Fire Department

    4 – 5 p.m. • Donald R. Wright Auditorium 

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