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    Need to access online articles right away? Register online (click on "New User"), and receive an eCard immediately. Keep track of both the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you will choose and the temporary library card number that will be assigned to you. Just add "290090" to the front of the temporary account number when logging into one of our databases that requires a library card.

    Right away, you'll be able to:


    Permanent Card

    You may obtain a permanent card by completing this registration form. You'll need to complete your registration for a permanent library card by visiting any Pasadena Public Library location. (More details are available on the registration screen.)

    Once you've completed your registration for a permanent card, you'll be able to:


    Specialized Cards

    Library Card Details

    Library Card Online Details

    Library cards are available at all Pasadena locations free of charge to any resident of the State of California. Temporary library card numbers, which can be used for certain online services and which can be converted to permanent library cards within 60 days are available online.

    To receive a permanent card, you must have a photo ID showing your name and verifiable current home address, such as a driver’s license or an ID card issued by the DMV. If you don’t have a driver’s license or an ID card from the DMV, you may present a different photo ID plus one of the following which must have your current home address: Printed personal check, credit card, rental or property tax receipt, or business mail with current postmark. A business address or Post Office box may not be used in place of a home address but may be used in addition to home address.

    Young people ages 17 and under are required to obtain the signature of a parent or guardian. Pasadena library cards are valid at all Pasadena and Glendale Public Libraries.

    Persons unable to obtain a regular library card due to problems of non-residency or lack of address verification may be able to obtain a Guest card, usable only in Pasadena Public Library. This Guest card permits access to our computer system, and permits the user to check out a single item. If the cardholder later meets qualifications the card can be upgraded to a regular card which allows the cardholder full rights such as borrowing multiple items and placing hold requests.