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    What's It All About?

    The Internet is a system of computers all over the world that are connected to each other. Anybody or any group can put information on the Internet. The Internet allows you to explore resources beyond what the Pasadena Public Library can hold within its buildings.

    What Does That Mean To You?

    The Internet is a great place to explore information and ideas from all over the world. The Pasadena Public Library's Kids Page is a good starting point for Homework Help and fun, interesting sites to explore. As you start to explore the Internet on your own remember that the Pasadena Public Library has no control over the information you might find on the Internet. Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true or valuable.

    What Do You Need to Know?

    • You may sign up to use the Internet for two thirty minute time slots per day, and one 30-minute time slot on Sundays.
    • You are responsible for the sites you visit. Be aware that others may see what you are viewing.
    • Use the computer equipment with care. If you are having a problem, ask library staff for help.
    • If you are not finding the information you need, ask library staff for help.
    • An article protected by copyright may not be used word for word without the permission of the copyright owners. If you use a part of an article word for word, you need to put it in quotation marks and cite the source in your bibliography.
    • When you are finished using the Internet, please click on the "Home" page.

    Personal Safety Rules for the Internet

    Do not give out personal information such as name, address, telephone number about yourself or others to a site or a person you do not know. Tell your parents or the librarian right away if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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