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  • Linda Vista Branch and Neighborhood History

    The Linda Vista Area was first annexed by Pasadena in 1914, but it was not until the building boom following World War II that the possibility of a library was discussed. The population of the area expanded and the closest library was more than two miles away, on the other side of the arroyo. In 1951, three new branches were authorized by the city.

    The site was chosen for its proximity to the school. The Linda Vista Branch was the first of the three branches financed by a bond issue in 1956. The building was designed to blend with and complement the neighborhood; the collection was to reflect the reading interest of the neighborhood. Music and the arts, social activities and gardening, and sports like tennis and swimming were to be the focus. Forty years later, the focus is unchanged.

    The library was dedicated in 1957. The Linda Vista school played an important part in the dedication, reflecting the close association between the library and the school. This association continues today, with the library functioning as the school library.

    A friends of the Linda Vista Branch Library group was organized in the early 1960s, and a great deal of neighborhood support has been generated. The group continues today as a committee of the Linda Vista Annandale Neighborhood Association. Linda Vista Branch is the only branch with its own friends group, and has profited well by their fundraising efforts and general support.

    Largely due to neighborhood support, the branch survived cost-cutting attempts in 1976 and again following Proposition 13.

    There have been no major changes in the neighborhood; as a consequence, the library has had little need to adjust to changing patterns. While technology has been updated to take advantage of new developments, the Linda Vista Branch is characterized by the unusual stability of its readership.

    Neighborhood Characteristics and Population

    Source: 2000 Census. Linda Vista's service area is represented by tracts 4604, 4608, and 4617. This area includes 5,447 people, of whom approximately 20% are age 17 and under.

    Political Districts

    City Council  6th District
    Steve Madison 
    County District  5th District
    Michael Antonovich 
    State Assembly  44th District
    Anthony Portantino 
    State Senate  District 21
    Carol Liu 
    U.S Congress  Congressional District 29
    Adam Schiff

    U.S. Senate
    Barbara Boxer
    Dianne Feinstein 

    Local Schools

    Private Schools
    Chandler Elementary

    Neighborhood Associations

    Linda Vista/Annandale Association
    Linda Vistans

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