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  • La Pintoresca Branch and Neighborhood History

    La Pintoresca Branch Library, built in 1930, was named for the hotel which had previously occupied its northwest Pasadena site. Its parkland location centers La Pintoresca in the most highly populated service area of any Pasadena Branch. La Pintoresca Branch Library serves also as a community center providing local residents with a welcoming, informal meeting place. This community center aspect of the La Pintoresca Branch is in full swing year-round, providing a neighborhood atmosphere for the enhanced enjoyment of the cultural diversity of this area.

    The most notable aspect of the La Pintoresca Branch is the pride and ownership felt towards this resource by the local residents. It is in evidence in almost all encounters between staff and patrons. The area is abounding in talent and enthusiasm for educational and recreational pursuits. Patrons are always willing to contribute to the total welfare of the community by adding their talent to programs and everyday activities.

    La Pintoresca Library is in an area rich in educational opportunities including Cleveland Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, Washington Middle School, Washington Accelerated School, Omowale School, Audubon and Orange Grove Headstart, Bright Faces Preschool, Scott Preschool Center, and Washington Children's Center. There are numerous home-based child care centers in this area. Class visits and story activities are provided for these groups.

    Neighborhood Characteristics and Population

    Source: 2000 Census. La Pintoresca's service area is represented by tracts 4609, 80% of 4615, 4616, 4620, and 50% of 4621. This area includes 33,291 people, of whom approximately 32% are age 17 and under.

    Political Districts

    City Council  1st District
    Jacque Robinson 
    County District  5th District
    Michael Antonovich 
    State Assembly  44th District
    Anthony Portantino 
    State Senate  District 21
    Carol Liu 
    U.S Congress  Congressional District 29
    Adam Schiff

    U.S. Senate
    Barbara Boxer
    Dianne Feinstein 

    Local Schools

    Public Schools
    Cleveland Elementary
    Jackson Elementary
    Sierra Madre Elementary
    Washington Accelerated School
    Washington Middle School

    Private Schools
    Omowale Elementary/Preschool

    Audubon Headstart
    Bright Faces Preschool
    Orange Grove Headstart
    Scott Preschool Center
    Washington Children's Center

    Neighborhood Associations

    Arroyo Terrace Association
    Dearborn Neighborhood Association
    East Arroyo Residents Association
    El Sereno North Banner Block
    Elizabeth Street Neighbors
    Florecita Farm Association of Neighbors
    Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association
    Howard Street Neighborhood Watch
    La Pintoresca Association
    Monk's Hill Neighborhood Association
    Montana Central Banner Block
    Muir Heights Association
    Navarro Avenue Tremont Howard Association (N.A.T.H.A.)
    Neighbors Against Crime
    North Los Robles Corridor Neighbors
    North Madison, Los Robles & Highland Association
    North Raymond Neighbors
    Northwest Citizen's Association
    Orange Grove Village No. 1 Homeowners
    Pleasant View Neighborhood Association
    Raymond Banner Block
    Seco Neighborhood Association

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