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  • Pasadena History

    • History Resource Links
      Pasadena HistoryA variety of historical information and resources are provided by the Library, which include history on homes in Pasadena, U.S. history, California-specific history, world history, and military history.
    • Pasadena in Words and Pictures
      The Pasadena Centennial Room brings together the Library's collections of books and other materials which reflect the City's unique historical and cultural development.
    • Pasadena Museum of History
      Founded in 1924 to preserve and share the rich history, art, and culture of Pasadena and neighboring communities, Pasadena Museum of History has developed into one of the country's premiere institutions of its size.
    • The City of Pasadena – Heritage: A Short History of Pasadena
      A short history on Pasadena's native america, Spanish and Mexican heritage.
    • Pasadena Digital History Collaboration
      Pasadena Digital History provides you access to the greatest collection of digitized, historical archives in Pasadena. As our membership grows, so does our collection. As part of our mission, we strive to build the largest, comprehensive database of images, stories, and publications relating to Pasadena for educational use.
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