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    Educational Institutions

    All within Pasadena, the city offers a full range of educational institutions.

    • Art Center College of Design
      A leader in art and design education for 80 years, Art Center College of Design offers a rigorous and transdisciplinary curriculum, a faculty of professionals, strong ties to industry and a commitment to socially responsible design.
    • The California Institute of Technology
      The mission of the California Institute of Technology is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. We investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology in a singularly collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.
    • California School of Culinary Arts
      Drawing upon over a 100 year heritage of culinary excellence; Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Schools represents classic culinary techniques with modern innovations and the latest in global cuisine.
    • Fuller Theological Seminary
      Pasadena - Educational InstitutionsFuller is one of the largest multidenominational seminaries in the world, providing professional and graduate-level education in our schools of theology, psychology, and intercultural studies.
    • Pacific Oak's College & Children's School
      With a mission deeply rooted in the principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being, Pacific Oaks College prepares its graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to help people from diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and strengths uncover and realize their unique individual potentials.
    • Pasadena City College (PCC)
      The College provides an academically rigorous and comprehensive curriculum for students pursuing educational and career goals as well as learning opportunities designed for individual development.
    • Pasadena Unified School District
      The Pasadena Unified School District proudly serves the communities of Altadena, Pasadena and Sierra Madre. Our community has long been regarded as a global center of academic, civic and cultural achievement, and that standard drives our efforts to continuously improve the quality of education in our public schools.
    • Los Angeles Academy of Music
      Founded in 1996, we are a college of music offering a quality education in a personal and highly-specialized environment. At the LA Music Academy, we keep our curriculum current so we can give you the most relevant skills you'll need in today's musical world.
    • L.A. County Office of Education
      The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) is the nation’s largest regional education agency. We provide a range of programs and services to promote the academic and financial stability of the county’s 80 school districts and the achievement of more than 2 million preschool and school-age children.

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