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    Why Do We Use Both OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library?

    Both OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library offer digital media for our customers to check out. The 3M Cloud Library only offers eBooks while OverDrive also offers digital audio and digital movie downloads.

    A unique feature of the 3M Cloud Library which we hope to offer in the near future is the opportunity to circulate eReaders to our customers. These eReaders are only compatible with the 3M Cloud Library collection.

    How Do I Search For eBooks (or Music, or Videos)?

    The best way to search currently is by searching both services indepedently. At this time, there is no integrated search feature that searches both OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library simultaneously.

    What are the differences between OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library?

    OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library offer similar material but deliver them in very different ways. Some of the differences between the two:

    1. Only OverDrive offers Kindle-compatible titles.
    2. OverDrive offers digital audio and digital video downloads in addition to eBooks, while the 3M Cloud Library only offers eBooks.
    3. The 3M Cloud Library delivers it's content via the "cloud," which means that you have virtual access to a book downloaded from the 3M Cloud Library from any device that has the appropriate application installed. Any bookmarks or notes made on your iPad for example, would also show up on your PC if you stopped reading on one device and picked up on the other.
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