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    What is a Book Group Kit? 

    A Book Group Kit is a canvas bag that contains everything that a book discussion group needs to read and discuss a book:

    • 15 copies of the same book
    • A notebook containing:
      • Discussion questions
      • Tips on how to conduct a book group

    How To

    What are the advantages of book groups using the Library's Book Group Kits?

    • Book group members frequently have difficulty finding a copy of a book they want because it is checked out from the library. This is an easier way of borrowing books.
    • Some book group members do not want to buy books and the group cannot find enough at a bookstore.
    • Sometimes book groups cannot find discussion questions. Discussion questions come with every kit.

    What are the Book Group Kit rules for my group?

    Book Club - Reading Group

    Kits are checked out using your library card. They are housed at the Santa Catalina and Linda Vista branches and can also be reserved using the Library Catalog. The person checking out the kit is responsible for returning all books and the notebook containing the supplemental material.

    Due to high demand, groups are allowed to check out only one or two kits at a time. Each kit is checked out for 8 weeks and cannot be renewed. Overdue fines are the same as a special loan at $2.50 per day. Kits can be shipped to any Pasadena Public Library location for request pickup.

    The kits must be returned to the circulation desk inside any of the Pasadena Public Library locations. If your group happens to lose a book, we ask that you replace it with another new copy of the book, preferably in paperback.

    How else does the Pasadena Library assist community book groups?

    Individuals looking for book groups can find information using the Pasadena Community Calendar and book group leaders can submit meeting times and locations to the Pasadena Community Calendar.

    In addition, many book groups work with Pasadena Public Library Branch Managers to find meeting room space and to hear of new books. Central Library can offer general assistance with requesting the kits and with using the Library catalog to reserve kits by calling 626-744-4066, press 7.

    My book group would like to donate part or all of a new Book Group Kit. Can we do this?

    Yes. The Library would like to add additional kits in the future and we would love donations. At this time, $220 will fund the purchase of 15 copies of Book Group Kit titles. Find more information about making library donations.

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