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  • Child Safety at the Library

    Child Safety at the LibraryThe Pasadena Public Library welcomes children of all ages! Our staff serves children by answering questions, assisting in the search for good books to read, providing materials to complete homework assignments, and presenting special programs. However, staff cannot act in the place of parents or serve as babysitters. 

    When using the library with your child, please remember that it is a public place open to all.

    To ensure the safety of children during their visit to the Library the following policies have been adopted:

    • Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a caregiver age 12 or older.
    • The child’s caregiver must remain with the child at all times to make certain that children follow the library standards of behavior.
    • Library users, regardless of age, are expected to follow the Library's Standards of Behavior. If these are not followed, enforcement may include "... removal of patron from the building" 
    • A child’s parent or guardian will be notified if a child or youth continues to disregard the Library's Standards of Behavior.
    • Police will be called if a child under 13 years old is left at the library after closing.
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