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  • How to use the Pasadena Film Location Library

    FILMMAKERS, LOCATION MANAGERS & SCOUTS: Please contact the Pasadena Film Office at 626-744-3964 to be registered for access to the location library. Once you are registered, you will be able to see all of the contact / address information in the database. If ownership or other information is not listed for a particular address after you are registered, this means the property was used for filming at one point, but the owners have changed and the City is not in receipt of the new ownership information.


    1) Enter the Location Library and search by general categories.

    2) Then Click on any photo that interests you to see more photos of that location.


    1) In addition to our category search, you can use the Search Locations box by typing in any keyword of your choice.  (Typical keywords: kitchen, study, swimming pool, living room, auditorium, office, backyard, dormer, lake, etc.)

    The generic keyword search is even more effective than the Residential Features category search.

    2) Then follow step 2 from above.