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    Pasadena property owners only!

    Everyday the Pasadena Film Office receives scouting requests for a specific type of property from movie location scouts. We maintain a library of photographs of Pasadena properties which includes descriptions and logistical details for each property, making it easier to search and find a match for the film companies.

    For information about hosting filming at your property read the Film Host FAQ.  


    The City of Pasadena Film Office is working in partnership with VisionNet Inc. to host our location library. They have created a property uploader where you can upload your own photos and information immediately and have it hosted on yearly basis in our library for a nominal fee ($29.95 a year). Once you register, you can change your photos and information as much as you like.

    Please select "Sign Up" and "Vision Property" to get started. Please ignore the security warning screens and continue to the registration page. It is fine to do so.

    PREFERRED BROWSERS: To have an optimal experience with our location library, we recommend IE 7.0 or the latest versions of Firefox or Safari.

    REGISTER YOUR PROPERTY HERE! (Note: You will be taken to our location library host site with VisionNet Inc. The City contracted with a cost effective third party hosting provider for our location library services).

    PLEASE NOTE (NEIGHBORHOOD COORDINATION FEE): In July 2004, the City began assessing a new fee to filming hosts to cover costs and services we have provided for free for a number of years. A large portion of City Film Office service includes ensuring that all property hosts' neighbors are informed and their concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. A Film Host Fee of $178.30 per day will be charged to filming hosts, be it the property owner or tenant.  Click here for more information on neighborhood the coordination fee .