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Council District 2

  • Neighborhood Favorite Business Contest

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    The results are still being tallied but here are some preliminary numbers. 

    Almost 300 votes were cast and 49 businesses were nominated.  Of the total votes 34 were for business in District 2 including:

    Lee’s Taekwondo, Old Sasoon Bakery, Penny for Your Thoughts, Burrito Express, Skein, Fred Astair Dance, Arax Press, Mission Liquor, American Dental & Medical Institue, Tacos#2 Puebla, Independent Audi &VW Service, Lebanese Kitchen, Mijares, Foothill Unity Center, Comic Factory, Burger Shack, Arco Gas, La Caravana, Super Cleaners, Novel Café, Lumina Dance Academy, Star Video, Mary Falkingham Floral Design, Waterland, Tops, Champion Cleaners, Vons, Teaser Jungle, Trivelli, Beef Bowl, Jack in the Box, Round the Clock Cleaners and Hrant Auto Repair

    There were 9 businesses nominated that are District 2 adjacent including:

    Roma Market, Pinoccios Pizza, Spaw Pet Grooming, Big Mamas Rib Shack, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, Daisy Mint and In N Out

    Seven businesses in the Pasadena area received support from District 2 residents:

    Partnership Painting, Domenicos, Crown City Tires, Salon Xia, Green Street Restaurant, Jones Coffee Roaster and Intelligencia.

    More details to come.