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    Some businesses in the City of Pasadena have enhanced their parking supply by providing a valet parking service for their patrons. Some of these locations offer a complimentary service while others charge a nominal fee. Although the City of Pasadena reviews the safety aspects and issues permits for valet parking operations, the City does not regulate the price or refusal of service to customers.

    All valet operation will be subject to all of the rules and regulations of the City of Pasadena's Valet Parking Ordinance (PMC 12.14). If you believe that a valet parking operator has not acted responsibly or is violating the regulations set forth in the Pasadena Municipal Code (PMC), please contact us at (626) 744-7665. If you need parking enforcement services at these locations, please contact Parking Enforcement Services at (626) 744-6440.

    How to Get Valet Parking Permits

    Valet parking operations require a sponsor’s permit (usually the business or property owner of the establishment providing the service) and an operator’s permit (the company responsible for the driving of vehicles to and from the valet location(s).  Applications for annual or temporary (special events) valet parking permits are reviewed by the Traffic Engineering Division. Any new Sponsor or Operator’s permit applications will also require a public hearing held by the Director of Transportation or her designee.

    Sponsor’s Valet Parking Permit

    Please click here for Valet Parking Permit.

    A Sponsor is typically a business or property owner and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the valet parking operator is compliant with all rules and regulations pertaining to the valet parking operation. The Sponsor is responsible for all street usage and parking meter fees for use of on-street parking or loading spaces used for drop-off and pick-up of vehicles.

    The Sponsor will also be notified of any violations to the permit and failure of the Sponsor or the Operator to comply with any regulations may result in revocation of the permits.

    Documents that shall be accompanied with a valet parking permit application for the Sponsor include the following:

    a. A signed statement by the Sponsor that there is a need for valet services.

    b. Certificate of Insurance for the selected valet operator.

    c. A copy of the selected valet operator's current operator permit issued by the city.

    d. A circulation map indicating the routes to be used between any passenger loading zone (or other vehicle drop-off point), the parking or storage location, and back to the pickup point. (The diagram shall indicate the location of any proposed signs or attendant's stands, including the dimensions of the signs or attendant's stands with respect to the sidewalk area.) If the business establishment provides sidewalk dining, the diagram should also show the sidewalk dining area.

    e. A copy of a written contract, license or lease between the Sponsor (or the Sponsor’s establishment) and the operator of any parking facility or storage area designated as the parking or storage location. (The contract or covenant shall contain a provision that it cannot be cancelled without at least thirty (30) days written notice to the other party and to the City of Pasadena.)

    f. Disclosure of all prior valet parking permits issued to the Sponsor’s current or prior businesses located in Pasadena.

    Operator’s Valet Parking Permit

    Please click here for Operator's Valet Parking Permit.

    The valet company that will provide services to the Sponsor must obtain an Operator’s permit. An application for the Operator shall be accompanied by the following documents:

    a. Certificate of Insurance per P.M.C. 12.14.130

    b. A copy of a valid California driver's licenses for all valet attendants (that will work in the City of Pasadena) employed by the Operator's company.

    c. Disclosure of all prior valet parking permits issued by the City of Pasadena to Operator's business.

    d. A current business license issued by the City of Pasadena.

    Valet Parking Permit Fees

      The current fees for permits are as follows:
    • New Sponsor Application Fee  -  $909.79 (paid at time of submittal)
    • Public Works Permit Processing Fee  -  $42.01 (paid when permit is issued)
    • Annual Sponsor Permit Renewal Fee  -  $75.47 (paid when permit is issued)
    • Temporary Sponsor Permit Fee  -  $131.82 (paid when permit is issued)
    • Revisions to Permit  -  $83.53
    • Parking Meter Fees  -  Full Meter Rate during meter operation hours & street usage fee during all other hours for each meter (billed to Sponsor monthly)
    • Street Usage Fee  -  $1.00 per hour per on-street parking or loading space (billed to Sponsor monthly)
    • Operator Annual Permit Fee  -  $83.53 (paid at time of permit issuance)
    • Operator Permit Processing Fee  -  $42.01 (paid at time of permit issuance)

      (All fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Please consult the General Fee Schedule for the most current fees.)

    Valet Parking Permit Applications

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