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  • Traffic Regulations on a Traffic Circle

    Traffic Circles The City of Pasadena’s Department of Transportation and the Police Department installed Traffic Circles as a form of traffic control and operation at the following intersections:

    -Glenarm Street at Los Robles Avenue

    -Glenarm Street at El Molino Avenue

    As part of the City’s public education program, the following information is provided regarding the right-of-way and appropriate use of the traffic circles by motorists approaching each intersection:

    • All intersections in the City of Pasadena currently controlled by a traffic circle, are STOP controlled. All motorists must stop as mandated by the State of California Vehicle Code Section 22450, pertaining to STOP REQUIREMENTS, before entering the intersection.
    • Circulation in traffic circles shall be counter-clockwise. Drivers must stay to the right to complete all turning movements. As an example, to turn “left”, drivers must first signal their intentions, stop and yield to all vehicles already in the intersection, then proceed to the right around the circle until they reach the point to exit the circle and complete their "left turn".
    • All other traffic rules of the road still apply at these intersections.






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