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  • City of Pasadena Strategic Plan

    In December 2009 the City Council and the City's Executive Leadership Team engaged in a strategic planning process led by the fim Snider & Associates.  The following elements and guiding principles were developed during that process. 

    Mission Statement

    The City of Pasadena is dedicated to delivering exemplary municipal services responsive to our entire community and consistent with our history, culture and unique character.

    Pasadena’s Vision Statement

    Pasadena will combine world class events, science and technology, arts and culture, and history and architecture with great neighborhoods and opportunities for all.
  • Core Values

    This City of Pasadena values...

    • Responsiveness
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Accountability
    • Excellence
    • Open, clear and frequent communication
    • Innovation
    • Diversity and inclusiveness

    Three-Year Goals (2009-2012)

    • Maintain fiscal responsibility and stability
    • Improve, maintain and enhance public facilities and infrastructure
    • Increase conservation and sustainability
    • Improve mobility and accessibility throughout the city
    • Support and promote the quality of life and local economy
    • Ensure public safety