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Planning and Community Development Department


    Residence Inn Marriott 

    Project Address

    233 North Fair Oaks Avenue. The project is located at the Northwest corner of North Fair Oaks Avenue and Walnut Street.

    Case Manager

    Jose Jimenez  

    Project Description

    The proposed project involves the construction of a 144-room, five-story extended stay hotel on a flat, vacant lot at 233 North Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena. The hotel would be 94,091 square feet in size. Figure 1, Regional Vicinity Map, shows the location of the site in a regional context, while Figure 2, Local Vicinity Map, shows the location of the site in a local context. Figure 3, Aerial Photograph, shows an aerial depiction of the project site and immediate surroundings.

    The project site is rectangular in shape and approximately 42,000 square feet in size. The project site has been developed in various capacities since the 1880s; former uses of the site included a bank, residential uses, an athletic club, plumbing retail store, photography store, machine shop, pressing/dye works, and a dry cleaner.

    The building footprint for the proposed hotel would be 35,705 square feet, leaving 6,112 square feet of open space on the site. The proposed project would include 2,880 square feet of landscaping and a total of nine trees would be planted on the site, mostly along North Fair Oaks Avenue.

    In addition to the 144 guest rooms, the hotel would contain approximately 1,200 square feet of meeting space, a 750 square foot breakfast room and associated kitchen facilities (for hotel guests only), a lobby, laundry and housekeeping facilities, and an outdoor recreational area including a swimming pool. One level of underground parking is proposed and would accommodate approximately 117 parking spaces. The Marriott Residence Inn caters to extended stay guests; as such, all 144 guest rooms would include individual kitchens.

    The Documents Available for Review: 

    Initial Study
    Notice of Availability
    Notice of Completion 
    Notice of Public Hearing 

    Final Environmental Impact Report


    Draft Environmental Impact Report

    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary
    1 - Introduction
    2 - Project Description
    3 - Environmental Impact Analysis
    3.1 - Aesthetics
    3.2 - Air Quality
    3.3 - Cultural Resources
    3.4 - Greenhouse Gases
    3.5 - Noise and Vibration
    3.6 - Transportation and Circulation
    4 - Alternatives
    5 - Other CEQA Considerations
    6 - References
    7 - List of Preparers

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