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    Can I park an RV overnight in the City of Pasadena?

    The Department of Transportation has initiated a six month pilot program to assess the needs of Pasadena residents regarding overnight parking of RV’s for trips. Overnight parking of RV’s is only allowed for loading and unloading before and after trips with an RV Permit obtained from the Parking Office. An RV permit allows a 48 hours period for loading prior to a trip and a 48 hours period for unloading at the conclusion of your trip.

    Please click here for RV and Trail on Street Parking Permit.

    Do I need a permit just to load/unload?

    No permit is needed for the immediate loading and unloading of your RV. We recommend that you apply for a permit if you anticipate parking your RV overnight or leaving it unattended for a prolonged period of time.

    What are the qualifications to obtain an RV permit?

    In order to obtain an RV permit in the City of Pasadena, the RV must be registered or rented by a Pasadena resident. Please provide a copy of the vehicle registration or a copy of the rental agreement when applying for a permit. Registration must be current and valid.

    Where do I go to apply for an RV permit?

    An application for an RV permit must be submitted to the Pasadena Parking Office located at 221 E. Walnut St., Suite 199, Pasadena, CA 91109. RV permits are only for Pasadena residents.

    Where can I park my RV if I obtain a permit?

    Parking of RV’s is allowed in residential areas only. RV’s shall park directly in front of the permitted residence, within 500 feet of the residence, or at the location approved by the Department of Transportation. RV parking is prohibited in commercial and business districts.

    What is the fee for an RV permit?

    The fee for an RV permit is $36. This fee includes 48 hours prior and 48 hour at the conclusion of a trip.

    How many permits am I allowed during this six month pilot period?

    Residents are limited to two permits.

    What is the penalty for parking without a valid RV permit?

    RV’s and trailers parked overnight on a City street or within the public right of way without a permit will be subject to citation. The amount of the citation is $123.50.

    RV Parking Permit Application

  • Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium

    Please note: Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium – 2 am to 6 am, from December 23 thru January 3. Vehicles legally parked on the street during the aforementioned hours and dates will not receive a citation for overnight parking. Overnight parking citations will resume being issued the morning of January 4, at 2 am.

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