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    Proposed Telecommunications Facilities – 2288 Casa Grande Street

    4-29-15 Status Update:
    The applicant for the proposed Telecommunications Facility, consisting of the installation of wireless telecommunications facilities, on a new replica utility pole within the public right-of-way adjacent to 2288 Casa Grande Street (with frontage on Martelo Avenue), has submitted a request to the City to extend the period of time through middle of June 2015, for the City to make a determination.  The applicant is seeking additional time to evaluate alternative designs and locations. The City has reviewed the request and will grant the additional time to explore alternative locations. City staff will be working with the applicant over the next several weeks and will provide a status update when appropriate.  All future communications will be handled electronically.  Please provide an email address to Ms. Yannie Wu at ywu@cityofpasadena.net if you wish to be included on the distribution list or visit the city website for updates at: http://www.cityofpasadena.net/PublicWorks/Reports_Public_Notices
    Please see the attached documents for additional information. 
  • Icon 2288 Casa Grande - 2-19-15 City Response Letter to Public Comments
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Application Letter
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Coverage Maps
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Justification Statement
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Photo Simulations
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Plans
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Public Notice - Comments Due 3-5-15
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - RF Study
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Struct Calcs
    Icon 2288 Casa Grande - Tree Report

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