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  • Civic Center/Mid-Town Improvements


    On November 15, 2010, the City of Pasadena awarded the Civic Center/Mid-Town District Public Improvements project to EC Construction. The City of Pasadena’s Water Department will be installing new facilities in Garfield Avenue in January 2011, and then EC will begin the pedestrian and transportation enhancements. EC is scheduled to be working between February and June 2011.

    DESCRIPTION: The goal of the Civic Center/Mid-Town District Public Improvements Project is to design and implement pedestrian and transportation enhancements within the public spaces of Pasadena’s historic Civic Center District. This area includes Centennial Square, Holly Street, Garfield Avenue Promenade including the Civic Auditorium and Central Library forecourts, Thurgood Marshall Street, and Colorado Boulevard.

    These improvements will include streetscape and walkway elements such as street and sidewalk paving, landscaping and street trees, lighting, signage, graphics, street furniture, and gateway elements.

    This project will allow for implementation of the following improvements:

    • Sidewalks: New brick sidewalks on Holly Street (between Marengo and
      Garfield); Repair historic brick sidewalks on Garfield Avenue in front of City Hall; New brick sidewalks on both sides of Garfield north and south of City Hall block between Colorado Bl. and Walnut Street
    • Parking Redesign: Garfield Avenue: revise parking layout on Garfield Avenue.
    • Install new parking islands, ADA compliant curb ramps, Curbs & Gutters, Crosswalk bump-outs for narrowed crosswalks, and new storm drain system
    • Crosswalks: New crosswalks in Centennial Square; Repair to Brick Cross walk at Colorado and Garfield
    • Street Lighting: New light poles & luminaries on Colorado Bl.; Update historic street lights with new circuitry; Repair and replace damaged poles and lights
    • Landscaping Improvements: Replace Carrot Wood trees on Colorado (Marengo
      to Arroyo south side; Garfield to Marengo (north side); Holly Street landscaping between sidewalks and building facades. Ficus trees along Colorado Boulevard between Marengo Avenue and Arroyo Parkway will be protected.

    JUSTIFICATION: These public improvements will enhance the light rail transit gateway at the Memorial Park Gold Line Light Rail station by furnishing a pleasant, safe, and efficient pedestrian connection throughout the Civic Center for Light Rail patrons to the District’s civic, commercial, and retail uses while encouraging patrons to walk, bicycle, and use other modes of transportation downtown. The project will further enhance and preserve the historic 1920’s Beaux-Arts Civic Center district design elements.

    RELATIONSHIP TO THE GENERAL PLAN: This project is consistent with Objectives 2, 5, 6, 10, 12, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of the Land Use Element of the General Plan by incorporating accessible urban open spaces; preservation of Pasadena's character and scale, including its traditional urban design form and historic character; promotion of historic preservation within the District; promoting a diverse economic base; enhancement of the City's dynamic social and cultural life; encouraging retention and creation of job opportunities for residents and encouraging a business climate that contributes to the City's fiscal well-being; promoting the relationship of land use and transportation; encouraging and supporting development of transit-oriented and pedestrian-oriented development; and coordinating development between transit oriented and pedestrian districts.

    ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS: On July 16, 2009, the City’s Environmental Administrator determined the project is categorically exempt under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines in Section 15301 (c), Existing Facilities, of the California Code of Regulations Title 14, Chapter 3. This exemption includes minor alterations involving negligible expansion of use beyond that previously existing. A Notice of Exemption for the project was filed with Los Angeles County Clerk on July 23, 2009. There are no changed circumstances or new information which would require further environmental review.

    HISTORY: This project was created, received initial funding in FY 2002, and was fully funded in FY 2011. Funds from a Metropolitan Transit Authority grant with a local match are being used to build these improvements.

    CONTACT: Please contact the Public Works Construction Division at (626) 744-4191 for additional information.

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