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Planning and Community Development Department

  • Planning Services & Contacts

    Listed below are services we provide through the Planning & Community Development Department with the contact phone numbers.

    Planning Administration
    (626) 744-4009

    Neighborhood Services Administration
    (626) 744-6830

    Building Services
    (626) 744-4200

    • Building Code Plans Review, Inspection and Permits
    • Addressing
    • Building Relocation Permits
    • Building Occupancy Permits
    • Unique Services (Rose Parade, yard sales, etc.)
    • Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Code Question

    Current Planning Services
    (626) 744-4009

    • Zoning Code Plans Review
    • Environmental Review Submittal
    • Subdivision Review Applications
    • Variance and Conditional Use Permit Application
    • Conditional Use Permits & Minor Use Permits and Temporary CUPS
    • Subdivisions involve: Tentative Tract Maps including Condominium Conversions, Tentative Parcel Maps, Certificate of Exceptions (lot line adjustments),and Certificates of Compliance (legal lot confirmations)
    • Zoning Parking Credits
    • Zoning Permits
    • City of Gardens Reviews
    • Extensions of Discretionary Reviews upon request and approval
    • Zoning Code Amendments upon Planning Commission or City Council request
    • Zoning Interpretations
    • Written Zoning Inquiry Research and Written Responses
    • Preliminary Plan Check (zoning review of plans with written responses)
    • Respond to inquires/explain the zoning code
    • Review proposed plans and provide comments
    • Sign-off plans for Building Permits
    • Sale of zoning code and zoning maps

    Code Compliance Inspection Services
    (626) 744-4633

    • Zoning Code Inspection
    • Mitigation Monitoring
    • Occupancy Inspections
    • Quadrennial Inspections
    • Final Zoning Inspection
    • Condition Monitoring Inspections
    • Home Occupation Permits
    • Neighborhood Revitalization Program
    • Pre-plan Check Inspections
    • Complaints
    • Sign Maintenance Program
    • Abandoned Vehicle Abatement
    • Meter Checks
    • Business License Certificate of Compliance
    • City Resources Against Slum Housing (CRASH)

    Design and Historic Preservation Services
    (626) 744-4009

    • Construction Plans Review
    • Design Review Applications
    • Building Alteration and Demolition Review
    • Historic Building Search
    • Historic Preservation Commission
    • Historic Preservation Chapter in the Zoning Code
    • Signs & Awnings
    • Design Guidelines for the Central District
    • Urban Design Guidelines
    • Historic Resources Survey
    • The National Register of Historic Places

    Fire Prevention Services
    (626) 744-4668

    • Fire Code Plans Review and Inspection
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • Fire Alarm/Detection System

    Community Planning Services
    (626) 744-4009

    • General Plan Updates
    • General Plan Consistency Review
    • Planned Developments (PD)
    • Master Development Plans (MDP)
    • Zoning Map Amendments "Zone Changes"
    • General Plan Amendments (GPA)
    • Specific Plans (such as Central District, East Colorado, North Lake, etc.)
    • Census/Demographic/Population Information

    Cultural Planning
    (626) 744-4009 

    • Filming services
    • Public Arts
  • Report Issues to the City OnLine

    You may report needed repairs and other issues online through the Pasadena Citizen Service Center.   Get information about or submit a service request for:

    CSC Button 
    • Animal Control Issues
    • Code Compliance
    • Garbage & Graffiti
    • Park & Tree Maintenance
    • Public Transportation Issues
    • Street & Sidewalk Issues
    • Food Safety & Parking
    • General Comments  & more ...

    To use the service, go to the Citizen Service Center and click on "Submit a Request."   Once you have submitted the request you will be contacted by the appropriate department. 

    Looking for general information?  Search our list of FAQs.

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