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  • Huntington Memorial Hospital Master Plan Amendment

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    100 W. California Blvd. 

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    Project Description: 

    Huntington Memorial Hospital is proposing to amend its existing 20-year Master Plan to reconfigure its physical boundaries, rehabilitate existing facilities, and construct new facilities, in order to meet State seismic requirements for acute-care facilities and to ensure the uninterrupted provision of safe, efficient medical care.

    The proposed Huntington Memorial Hospital Master Plan Amendment Project (Project) would involve new construction totaling approximately 217,300 square feet and demolition of existing buildings totaling 250,076 square feet, for a net reduction of approximately 24,544square feet at buildout. Additionally, the Project proposes amendments to the Master Plan to reflect the inclusion of existing buildings on the Hospital campus not yet formally included in the Master Plan boundary and the exclusion of existing buildings within the current Master Plan boundary that are not owned or operated by the Hospital. The Project encompasses eight non-consecutive phases beginning upon Project approval, with completion anticipated by 2032. Under the Project, vehicle access to the Hospital campus would remain unchanged from existing conditions. New landscaped areas, pedestrian corridors, and green space at the center of the campus would be created as part of the Project.  Designed as a pedestrian-oriented outdoor courtyard and garden that would serve as a gathering space and respite area for visitors, patients, and employees, the green space would include numerous terraces and gatherings areas, a rose garden, children’s garden, a fountain/water feature, and extensive pedestrian walkways.  The zoning designation for the Project site is PS (Public and Semi-Public), with the exception of one parcel located at 620-624 South Pasadena Avenue (currently occupied by two construction management buildings) which is zoned CO (Commercial Office).  The Project proposes to rezone this parcel as PS and incorporate it into the Master Plan boundary.


    Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR)

    Final EIR

    Final EIR - Appendix 

    Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) 

    0.0 - Table of Contents 

    0.1 - Executive Summary 

    1.0 - Introduction 

    2.0 - Project Description 

     3.0 -  Environmental Setting 

     4.A - Aesthetics  

     4.B - Air Quality 

     4.C - Greenhouse Gases 

     4.D - Noise 

     4.E - Traffic 

     5.0 - Alternatives 

     6.0 - Other CEQA Considerations 

     7.0 - EIR Preparers 

     8.0 - References 


    Appendix A - NOP Initial Study

    Appendix B - Air Quality

    Appendix C - Greenhouse Gases

    Appendix D - Noise Worksheets

    Appendix E1 - Traffic Study and Appendices

    Appendix E2 - Traffic Study and Appendices


    Additional Documents for Review:
    Planning Commission Public Hearing Notice
    Initial Study
    Notice of Preparation and Scoping Meeting-September 1, 2011
    Notice of Preparation and Scoping Meeting -September 14, 2011

     Notice of Availability


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