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  • Complaint Tracking

    Complaint Information Tracking was established to maintain a record of all complaints filed with the Planning and Development Department. Some complaints received are for other City departments. Rather than transfer the caller, we receive the complaint and forward it to the proper City Department for investigation and resolution.

    The type of complaints tracked through the Complaint Information Tracking program include residential and commercial property maintenance, health and safety, fire hazards, zoning violations, and other related issues.

    Once a complaint is received , it is logged into our Land Management System and assigned to the appropriate City Department. The complaint is then investigated by Departmental Staff. If the investigation reveals a violation of the City Code, the property owner is notified of the violation and granted a reasonable time for its correction. Property owners may be required to compensate the City for staff's time enforcing the correction of a code violation, under the City's Cost Recovery Program. In addition, property owners who fail to correct cited violations are subject to prosecution by the City Prosecutor.

    Complaint Information Tracking has proven to be an invaluable tool in ensuring that all citizen complaints are investigated and resolved in a timely manner. To obtain an update on the status of an existing complaint, please call (626) 744-7282.

    To register a new complaint in the City of Pasadena, please call the Code Compliance Office at 626-744-4633 or use the online Citizen Service Center to submit a code compliance issue online. 


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