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    Please note: this is not for a City (government) job or contract.  After being referred to a contractor, if you are hired, you would be an employee of the company or contractor that hires you.

    Pasadena's First Source Local Hiring Program is compiling lists of residents who are interested in construction work to refer to developers and contractors. Through this list, the program makes referrals to contractors that participate in the City’s Local Hiring efforts through Pasadena First Buy Local.

    Eligibility: To be eligible for this program, you must reside within the Pasadena city boundaries.  During the registration process, your street name and number will be reviewed for eligibility.

    Register Online: The City's online registry allows you to create and manage your First Source Local Hiring account.  To enroll in the registry, please follow these steps:

    1. Before you register in the database, you will need create a City account.  The City account can be used to register for other online services as well.  To create a City account, please select the "Create a City Account" link below.  Or, if you already have a City account, please proceed to Step 2.

    Create a City Account 

    2. Now that you have a City account, please click the link to "Create a First Source Local Hiring Account"

    Create a First Source Local Hiring Account 

     3. Or, if you wish to update your existing account, please select the "Manage My Account" button. 

    Manage My Account  

    Referral Process: As construction employment opportunities become available, through local hiring agreements, City staff will forward the list of names and contact information for requested a trade(s) to the requesting contractor or developer.  To be fair to all registrants, the City neither recommends nor discourages the hiring of individual residents.  Rather it provides the contractor or developer a complete list of names.  The contractor or developer determines who is hired.

    Participation: To participate in referrals, you must register yourself in the First Source Local Hiring database.


  • Current Employment Opportunities

  • Glenarm Repowering Project

    In June 2014, the City began work on this major public Project, which includes a Project Labor Agreement (PLA).  To be considered for possible work on the Project, you must either be a member of, or join a union.  Please click the link below to an earlier instruction letter to Pasadena residents in March 2014 that outlined the steps to follow for possible work on the Project:

    Letter to Residents, March 20, 2014 

    For more information regarding the project click here.

    For Local Participation Plan reports click here.