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    Pasadena First Buy Local


    Promote the local economy by identifying Local Purchasing, Contracting and Hiring opportunities; encourage local business enterprises to make bids and proposals for city contracts, and promote the local hiring of Pasadena residents.

    Mission Objectives

    1. Conduct local outreach to identify and register local businesses (4.08.015) and residents for job referrals (14.80).
    2. Identify and Promote Local Procurement & Contracting opportunities for Local Businesses (4.08.015).
    3. Identify and Promote Local Hiring opportunities for the hiring of Pasadena residents (14.80).
    4. Support and promote the application of local preferences on competitively bid contracts where applicable by city ordinance (4.08.046; and 4.08.048).
    5. Create Strategic Partnerships to advance the City's Local Procurement Initiative.

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