Air Operations

  • January 2014 Highlights
    Posted: 02/01/14

      JAN. 4  PD 1 responded to the area of Garfield Ave. and Alhambra Rd. regarding a vehicle pursuit of a suspect threatening employees at the Home Depot.  PD 1 arrived over the pursuit and the Air Crew immediately took

  • December 2013 Highlights
    Posted: 01/30/14

    Dec. 7  PD 1 responded to the area of the 400 Block of Sierra Madre Villa (Pasadena) regarding a male who broke the caller’s vehicle window.  The air crew arrived on scene first and using the helicopters infrared camera (FLIR)

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon (10/31/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Assault with a Deadly Weapon  PD 1 responded to the area of Myrtle Ave. and Las Tunas Blvd.  to assist the Monrovia Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Temple Station with a stabbing on a bus that just

  • Attempt Homicide (10/27/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Attempt Homicide  PD 1 assisted the Alhambra Police Department with an incident regarding a male suspect who was holding a gun to the victims head.  The aircrew arrived, located the victim and directed ground unit to the victim.  Shortly after

  • Pursuit (10/31/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

      Pursuit  PD 1 assisted the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Cresenta Valley Station with a vehicle pursuit of a robbery suspect.  After a lengthy pursuit the pursuit was safely brought to an end and the suspect was arrested.   

  • Arson (10/24/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Arson  PD 1 responded to the area of 3335 New York Dr. regarding a fire on the hillside.  The crew members were advised the person who started the fire was hiding in the area near the fire.  When the aircrew

  • Hit and Run (10/20/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Hit and Run  PD 1 responded to the area of Mountain St. and Raymond Ave. to assist Pasadena PD ground units locating a hit and run suspect.  While checking the area crew members located the suspect and suspect vehicle and

  • Lost Hiker (10/22/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Lost Hiker  PD 1 assisted the Glendale Police Department with locating a lost 83 year old hiker in the trails of the Cresenta Valley Park.  The aircrew located the lost hiker and directed ground units who responded to him and

  • Residential Burglary (10/22/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Residential Burglary  PD 1 assisted the Arcadia Police Department units with a residential burglary containment.  During the course of the containment three suspects were contacted and detained by ground units.   

  • Theft Call (10/15/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Theft Call  PD 1 assisted Glendora Police Department with a theft from Kohl’s.  The aircrew located the suspect as she was leaving the area and directed ground units to her.  Ground units detained the female and she was arrested for

  • Fire Department Assist (10/2/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Fire Department Assist  PD 1 assisted the Burbank Police and Fire Department with an injured hiker on a trail in the hills above Burbank.  The aircrew coordinated with the Burbank Fire Department and transported a paramedic to the injured hiker. 

  • Hit and Run (10/5/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Hit and RunPD 1 responded to the area of Marengo Ave. and Villa St. to assist Pasadena PD ground units in locating a hit and run suspect.  While checking the area the aircrew located the suspect running from the area

  • Recovered Vehicle (10/8/13)
    Posted: 11/22/13

    Recovered Vehicle  PD 1 located a stolen vehicle using the Lo Jack system in the 900 Block of E. Colorado Blvd.   

  • Theft - Covina (3/3/13)
    Posted: 04/12/13

    3 3                         Night Shift Covina PD 1 responded to a radio broadcast of a theft which just occurred from the 99 Cent Store at 543 N. Azusa Ave.  As ground units arrived, the suspect fled with officers in pursuit.  PD

  • Suicidal Subject - LAPD Assist (3/24/13)
    Posted: 04/12/13

    3 24                       LAPD Assist        PD 1 responded to the area of S. San Rafael Ave. regarding a suicidal subject from Los Angeles.  LAPD traced the subject’s phone to the San Rafael area and ground units located her vehicle nearby.

  • Parole Search - Glendora/La Verne (3/21/13)
    Posted: 04/12/13

    3 21                       Night Shift           Glendora             PD 1 was contacted by Glendora PD regarding assistance with a parole search in the City of La Verne.  The suspect, who was on parole, had an outstanding warrant and was also wanted for

  • Open House and Fly-In Video Highlights
    Posted: 10/19/12

    For those that could not make it to the Annual Fly In or Open House, here are highlight videos for each.  We hope to see you there next year The Air Operations Annual Fly In 2012 The Air Operations Annual

  • Shoplifter In Custody (8/31/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 31                       Night Shift  PD 1 responded to a report of a theft that just occurred at Sear’s which is located at 3801 E. Foothill Blvd.  PD 1 arrived on scene and located the suspects walking west on Foothill Blvd

  • Theft (8/31/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 31                       Day Shift PD 1 responded to a theft from the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia.  Prior to the crew’s arrival, the male suspect was seen near 637 S. Baldwin Avenue.  When the crew arrived they spotted the suspect

  • Family Disturbance/DUI Arrest (8/27/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 27                       Night Shift  PD 1 responded to the 1400 block of N. Hill Avenue regarding a male who was harassing an elderly family member.  While talking to the reporting party, the dispatcher heard screaming.  Upon arrival, PD 1 saw

  • Assault on Officer (8/24/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 24                       Night Shift  PD 1 responded to assist ground units on a report of a man breaking the glass poster display at a bus stop located at 320 W. Colorado Boulevard.  Upon arrival the air crew saw the suspect

  • Robbery Arrest (8/22/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 22                       Night Shift  PD 1 responded to the 1700 block of N. Fair Oaks Avenue to assist Detective supervision search for two robbery suspects.  Once on scene, PD 1 provided updates and support in the event the suspects did

  • Shooting (8/18/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 18                       FAST Shift   PD 2 responded to Erie and Holt in the City of Pomona to assist officers with a report of a large party where shots had been fired.  Upon arrival, the suspect ran from ground officers. 

  • Strong Arm Robbery (8/6/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 6                         Night Shift  PD 1 responded to Fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in regards to two men involved in a fight.  Investigation by ground units revealed that the incident was possibly a strong arm robbery with the suspect

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Sexual Assault (8/8/12)
    Posted: 10/18/12

    8 8                         Night Shift  The air crew responded to the 300 block of S. Almansor Avenue in the City of Alhambra to assist in searching for a suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon and sexual assault.  After ground

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