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  • Entretec Keynote Address - Rethinking Energy In Pasadena
    Posted: 06/06/08

    Remarks of Bill Bogaard Introduction of Stephanie Yanchinski June 6, 2008 PASADENA ENTRETEC SIGNATURE EVENT Stephanie Yanchinski KEYNOTE SPEAKER On June 6, Pasadena’s Entretech, based at the California Institute of Technology, presented the second annual conference on the role of

  • Entretec Keynote Address - Technology Based Business in Pasadena
    Posted: 12/11/02

    Remarks of Bill Bogaard December 11, 2002 PASADENA ENTRETEC SIGNATURE EVENT GORDON BINDER KEYNOTE SPEAKER I consider it a privilege to come to the microphone under the auspices of Pasadena Entretec to introduce this morning’s keynote speaker, Gordon Binder, and

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