Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus July-August 2014

Great Water at Only Pennies a Drink

Who needs bottled water? Turn on your Pasadena tap and you can expect great-tasting refreshment that continually meets all state and federal standards for drinking water quality – for pennies!

Find details on PWP’s stringent water testing in the 2013 Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report, now available at www.PWPweb.com/CCR2013.

PWP’s Water Quality Lab oversees more than 50,000 tests for more than 180 potential contaminants each year. Published by federal law every July 1, PWP’s full-color report gives a detailed summary of testing data, listing all chemicals that were detected in city groundwater and water purchased from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). It also details exactly where our water comes from and how it is treated.

Flip through the report now online, or request a copy mailed to your home by calling (626) 744-4409. Previous years’ reports are online at www.PWPweb.com/WaterQuality.

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