Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus July-August 2014

New Restaurant Inspection Placards Announced

Health_Food_Inspection_2014-1New inspection placards for public display in Pasadena’s restaurants and other permanent food facilities are being issued by the City’s Public Health Department clearing showing a facility’s status of Pass, Conditional Pass or Closed at the time of the inspection.

The new placards with Pass or Conditional Pass status will have numeric scores displayed as part of the inspections. Placards showing a Closed status means an inspection revealed there was an imminent health hazard that required closure or that the permit was suspended due to non-compliance. Closed placards will indicate the reason for closure instead of a numerical score.

All placards will include a special “QR” code that can be scanned with a smart phone app for additional information about the food facility linked to a new inspection database on the City’s website. The database is online at http://decadeonline.com/main.phtml?agency=PAS.

Initial inspections by the Health Department resulting in scores of 85 to 100 will receive a Pass placard. Conditional Pass placards with scores of 75 to 84 means minimal code compliance was achieved and a follow-up inspection must be done. Conditional Pass scores of 74 and below mean minimal compliance also was achieved, but violations that were found require a mandatory Permit Suspension Hearing plus a follow-up inspection.

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