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Pasadena In Focus July-August 2014

Red Flag Towing Notices Mailed

More than 5,000 bilingual postcards were mailed recently to Pasadena residents who already live within the pre-designated areas posted and signed for Red Flag Alerts warning them that cars illegally parked on streets are subject to ticketing and towing at owners' expense during official Red Flag Alerts declared by the Pasadena Fire Chief.

Since 2009, Pasadena Municipal Code Section 10.65 prohibits parking on all posted, pre-designated narrow roads and streets in the Red Flag zones during official Red Flag Alerts that are declared by the Fire Chief, or designee. Up until now, the City has issued warning notices and some tickets, but has not towed cars per authority in the Municipal Code. During the last Red Flag Alert, more than 300 cars were cited.

The waiver/grace period for limited enforcement is now over and illegally parked cars can be both ticketed and towed at owners' expense. If towed, it could cost more than $320 to release an impounded vehicle.

The City retains authority to continue with limited enforcement or begin towing with the next declared Red Flag Alert. For more information about Red Flag Alerts, go to www.cityofpasadena.net/Fire/Red_Flag or call (626) 744-7311.

A sample of the post card that was mailed is shown here:


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