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Pasadena In Focus Mar-Apr 2014

Cut Water Use & Save Money!

DroughtDespite a few recent sprinkles, California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a statewide water emergency, calling on all of us to voluntarily cut our water use by at least 20 percent.

California is facing its driest year in recorded history; snowpack levels are just 15 percent of normal, and reservoirs along the Colorado River are depleted. While PWP has adequate water stored to meet demand, long-term impacts are inevitable if the drought continues.

To help us all make the cut, Pasadena Water and Power is boosting—even doubling—its rebates on water-saving measures effective March 1. Take advantage now and outfit your home with a high-efficiency clothes washer, high-efficiency toilets and landscaping fixtures. You’ll hit the 20-percent target and watch your water bills shrink.

And remember, no matter the weather, waste is never an option! Read through Pasadena’s full list of water-waste prohibitions at www.PWPweb.com/SaveWater 

Follow these tips to ramp up the savings even more:


• Shut off your sprinklers when it rains. 

• Water your lawn just one to three times a week.

• Fix broken sprinklers, faucets and toilet leaks.

• Use a broom, never a hose, to clean driveways, sidewalks and patios.

• Buy and use a rain barrel (and earn a PWP rebate).

• Replace turf with water-wise plants and earn $1 per square foot


• Take shorter showers of five minutes or less.

• Shut off your faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving.

• Only do full loads to wash laundry or dishes.\

• Use your garbage disposal less and your garbage can or compost bin more.

Call Pasadena’s Department of Public Works at (626) 744-7168 for more composting information.

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