Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus Mar-Apr 2014

Upates on Devil’s Gate & SR 710 Projects

City officials continue to closely monitor and work with the County of Los Angeles, Caltrans and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) on two important projects that impact Pasadena, but are not under direct control of the City:

• The SR 710 North Environmental Study (Caltrans and Metro), and

• The Devil’s Gate Sediment Removal & Management Project (LA County)

The City’s comments on the Devil’s Gate Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) were submitted to the County in January. The City’s comments are also posted online at www.cityofpasadena.net/PublicWorks/Devils-Gate-Reservoir-Sediment-Removal/. The project seeks to remove about 3 million cubic yards of sediment from behind Devil’s Gate in the Hahamongna Watershed area.

An ad hoc Working Group of the City began meeting in February to help identify ways that accomplish the County’s flood protection goals while also reducing the
environmental impacts to the Hahamongna watershed, its wildlife areas and the adjacent neighborhoods. The goal is develop the additional input by May to be used by the City and the County before the County’s final EIR is expected to be published in fall 2014.

The Draft EIR and Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the SR 710 North Study are scheduled to be publicly released in April 2014. The project is studying alternatives that include a tunnel connecting the existing SR 710 freeway between Alhambra and Pasadena; a light rail transit line and a bus rapid transit line. Pasadena is working with the cities of Glendale, La Canada/Flintridge, Sierra Madre and South Pasadena to hire consultants who will assist with the review and comment on the draft environmental documents.

All members of the public and organizations interested in also providing comments on the draft environmental documents should provide written comments directly to Metro and Caltrans. While the City has asked for a time extension for comment submission, there could be only 60 days to review and submit comments. For more info about the study project and comment deadlines, contact Metro online at www.metro.net/sr710study.

The City will also continue to post information about the SR 710 study on its website at www.cityofpasadena.net/sr710/.

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