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Pasadena In Focus Jan-Feb 2014

Protect Yourself Against Fraud

fraudPasadena Water and Power Department (PWP) customers report they continue to receive phone calls and visits from con artists demanding immediate bill payment or pushing bogus assistance or conservation programs.

What they want is to steal are easy cash or your social security number, bank account information or entrance to your home, often while claiming to represent PWP.

Protect yourself from fraud by Stay safe by remembering these tips:

• PWP never provides personal customer information to third-party sales people

• PWP will partner with companies that provide special services or products, but our partners never charge for their services or ask for social security or bank account info.

• PWP employees always wear official picture ID, with City seal and employee number. Always ask for ID. If you are still unsure, take down the person’s name, ID number and call us at (626) 744-4005.

• Our meter readers and water quality staff don’t need to go inside your home unless the meter is in a service porch.

• PWP mails an official “Final Notice” to customers with delinquent accounts, listing the final due date and methods of payment, before making any phone calls. Delinquent payments can only be made at City Hall, online or by phone, never
at your door.

• Report any suspicious or fraudulent activity right away to the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241.

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