Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus Nov-Dec 2013

“Grow Your Community, Shop Pasadena”

This holiday season, and all year long, “Shop Pasadena”—the financial health of our community depends on it! The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the City encourages all who live, work, learn or do business in Pasadena to keep your business local too.

“Grow Your Community, Shop Pasadena” is a Chamber-City public awareness campaign now through mid-January to support local shops, restaurants and services that, in turn, help create local jobs, pay local taxes and provide a financial bedrock for Pasadena’s quality of life.

Sales tax dollars, business license fees, property taxes and other assessments paid by local businesses help return money to Pasadena for essential city services such as park & tree maintenance, police, fire and public schools.

Shopping at local stores, eating local and supporting other local businesses is fun and easy—and it saves you a bundle in time and gas too!

Look for special bus shelter ads designed, yes, locally, by The Agency, a student-run advertising cooperative at Art Center College of Design.

For more info, contact the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce online www.pasadena-chamber.org or call (626) 795-3355.


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