Pasadena In Focus
Pasadena In Focus September-October 2013

Beware of Imposters!

Hang up on this scam! PWP is warning customers of impostors posing as City utility employees requesting payment over the phone.

The phony caller demands that customers pay their “delinquent” bills with a pre-paid cash card or credit card to avoid service disconnection. The impostors also direct customers to give personal financial information over the phone.

PWP customers have reported incidents of this scam in both Spanish and English. PWP is working with the Pasadena Police Department to apprehend the culprits.

Remember, PWP will never call you to request personal information or payment by gift card.

Customers with delinquent accounts will receive a "Final Notice" from PWP by U.S. mail before any phone calls are made. The notice will list a final due date and payment methods. Delinquent payments must be made in person at the City Hall Municipal Services Counter, online via customer login, or by phone at (626) 744-4005.

To verify the status of your PWP account, call (626) 744-4005 during normal business hours. To report suspicious activity, call the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241. For even more tips, visit www.PWPweb.com/ FraudProtection.

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